October 22, 2009

Hands Off my Baby!

Today on the subway on our way to daycare and work, PK was feeling very playful. It was a bit of a relief, since she's been extra-cranky for the last couple of days. Her top incisors (the ones to the right and left of the top middle incisors) are poking through, and although she was totally okay with her two bottom molars coming in, she's having a hard time with these new teeth. In case you've lost count, these are teeth 7 and 8 that have come in in the last month. When it rains, it pours!

So anyway, the subway was crowded (we barely made it on because some people don't know to MOVE when the subway car is half-empty, there's a crowd of people trying to pile in, and there's a stroller at their feet), and I ended up having to stand behind the stroller, rather than beside it. PK was having a blast seeing all the people today, and started waving at strangers and squealing with delight. One lady who was standing in front of the stroller, was so taken by PK, that she reached over to PK and touched the palm of her right hand. I was appalled. With the swine flu scare going around, I seriously wonder what the hell possessed this woman to reach down and touch a BABY's hand on the subway - one of the germiest places you can possibly be in.

Unfortunately, I am a non-confrontational person, and did NOT ball her out on it. I am kicking myself for not having done that. I guess my thought at the time was that she meant no harm and was just under PK's cuteness spell. I also failed pull out a wipe in time to clean off PK's hand, because I thought it might be rude to do that in front of the lady. As a result, PK, like every other kid, rubbed her right hand all over her face, and that finally prompted me to grab a wipe.

Of course, there's the possibility that she won't get sick from this incident. And there was certainly no evidence to indicate that this woman had the swine flu. Still, I feel bad. And I also feel angry that people aren't more careful during flu season, ESPECIALLY around babies.

I've always had this pet peeve of people touching baby hands. I don't get what possesses them to do that. I know that baby hands are super-cute, but it's not like these same people would like it if I reached out and touched their hands out of the blue. And it's like when I was pregnant and random people kept touching my belly. Hello??? Personal space?

Maybe I can just hide out for the rest of winter in a remote part of Hawaii. No subways. No crowds. Just paradise. Ahh...

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