October 29, 2009

The Many Faces of "Da"

As of late, PK has been making a HUGE effort to say words. We're getting a total kick out of it, because most things coming out of her mouth sound like "DA", but with different inflections. I remember when my niece started talking, she'd say what pretty much sounded like garble, and yet my sister-in-law and mother-in-law completely understood what she was saying in those seemingly-gibberish sentences. It's one of those things that you only learn once you have kids - when they learn how to speak, words won't sound as they should right off the bat. They are, after all, still trying to figure out how to make different sounds. Here are some of the words that she's said so far, along with how they actually sound:

1. hat - said as "heh-TH", "aaa-TH", "heh-T"
2. água (water, in Portuguese) - said as "ahb"
3. ball - said as "da" (not sure why, because she knows how to say "ba")
4. bathtub - said as "ta-ta" or "da-da" or "dath-ta"
5. arara (parrot-like bird found in Brazil) - "da-AH-ah", "deh-eh-eh"
6. blueberry - said as "b-b-b-b" (only heard this once)
7. luz (light in Portuguese) - "oo-TH"

She also says "ma ma ma", which, I think on the most part refers to me, though sometimes she says it when she's mad. Go figure! One of her favorite things to say is "uh-oh", which she pronounces perfectly, and says only when she drops something on the floor. And when asked "What do you say when you drop something?" she promptly responds with "uh-oh".

In addition to her growing vocabulary, PK recognizes quite a few words:

1. ball
2. cup
3. water/água (Portuguese)
4. milk/leite (Portuguese)
5. squirrel/esquilo (Portuguese) - she even pointed to the squirrel on her T-shirt last weekend, when asked to point it out
6. light/luz (Portuguese)
7. bathtub
8. swish stick - it's a plastic stick that came with her G-Diaper starter set and we hang it in the bathroom, though we don't use it anymore
9. penguin humidifier
10. garbage can
11. penguin
12. frog
13. turtle
14. book
15. gate
16. sock
17. shoe
18. nose - she points to mom or dad's nose, not hers!
19. feet/foot
20. hands
21. fingers
22. knees
23. spoon
24. soother
25. yo-yo
26. keys
27. hat
28. Raggedy Andy
29. chair
30. Snuffy

I'm sure that she understands even more words than we think, but these are definitely the ones that stick out. And I can't believe how many words she learns so quickly. You pretty much say a word and point to the corresponding object once or twice, and after that, she knows to point to the object if you ask her to point to it. It just goes to show how kids' brains are such sponges at this age!

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