December 11, 2009

The Comedy of Errors

Yesterday was rough since we left the daycare. It was pretty cold, so we had to pull out the winter stroller from hibernation. (Minus seven Celsius or colder. Honestly, below that, it doesn't matter. It's COLD.) It has been a while since we'd used the winter stroller. The last time we'd used it might have been sometime in March or April. Back then, PK was still facing me in the stroller, and the seat was more reclined because she was still pretty small. This time around, we faced her seat forward, and inclined her seat forward a bit more so that she would be more comfortable. HA!

We use a super-warm stroller sleeping bag in the winter to keep PK's legs warm, and its bulk combined with her using her down winter coat made her look REALLY squished in there. And with the seat inclined a little more forward than usual, she looked like she was about to be ejected as part of a Human Baby Cannonball circus act. (In contrast, last winter she was small enough and sat still enough that we could get away with stuffing her in the sleeping bag with a thin coat when we went out.) Because it was really cold out, I also put her rain/wind cover on. One stretch of our walk takes us through a ridiculously windy corridor, and PK is already not a fan of the wind. Add cold into that mix, and it's a recipe for disaster. Needless to say, she looked super-extra squished when I put on the plastic cover.

In spite of the squishiness, PK did eventually fall asleep after fussing for a bit. And then we hit the windy corridor, and in spite of the fact that I had put the plastic cover over top the stroller to shield her from the wind, the wind managed to gust into the little "breathing window" on the cover, and she completely flipped out. I was having a hard enough time pushing the stroller in the wind (it was INSANE), but now I also had to contend with a freaked out baby too. Fortunately, I can flip the handle on the stroller so that she wound up facing me, and that shielded the wind. While this is a fairly easy task in normal weather, it was horrible in this psycho wind. PK was still freaking out, I was trying not to get blown away, and my hands were FREEZING. I finally managed to get things going, but by then, PK was too upset to fall back asleep, and I was now having trouble pushing the stroller, since the front wheels, which swivel, were now at the back, and the big back tires were at the front. I pushed the stroller like I was drunk. I managed to lock down the front wheels after a few futile attempts (did I mention how cold it was?), and that seemed to help. Unfortunately, turning was next to impossible.

By the time we made it home, PK was in better spirits. The hubby arrived soon afterward, and after settling in and a quick diaper change, I made her some dinner. First a steamed a few carrots and gave them to her while I made her an omelet. She wolfed them down. So I made her some more. Part way through, she started flipping out for no reason. I think she might have bitten her tongue or the inside of her mouth. I was hoping that by the time that I got the egg to her, she'd be over that crying spell. It was not to be.

She looked like she was interested in the egg at first, but it was too hot, so I had to cool it off first before giving it to her. By the time it cooled off, PK was too upset to eat. We tried to distract her by giving her some olives (she LOVES olives). That worked for a bit. I put some egg onto a fork and left it on her high chair tray. She took some. She took a few spoonfuls. Then she got upset again. And that was it. She didn't want to eat what was in front of her anymore.

PK cried and cried and cried while the hubby and I ate our dinner. She wanted off her high chair, but we wouldn't budge. She needs to learn that at dinnertime, she has to sit on her high chair. She also needs to learn that we won't keep offering her different things until she finally eats something. She wouldn't eat what was in front of her, so once the hubby and I finished eating, we took her upstairs. I doubt she would've eaten anything anyway, because she was far too upset.

The cry fest continued well into bathtime. We realized later that PK had a REALLY bad case of diaper rash, and that certainly didn't help. (It cleared up by morning, but she struggled as I tried to put the cream on after her bath.) She finally calmed down by the time I got her into her pajamas. I think that her fatigue had finally overtaken her. She was quite mellow and sweet during storytime, but boy, what a ride!

I think that this massive irritability is a result of being over-tired from daycare. She's only napping once a day at daycare, so by the time she gets home, all she wants to do is sleep. Understandable. I spoke to one of her caregivers today and she suggested that I bring PK's dinner with me in the morning so that they can feed it to her just before I arrive. Since she seems to eat better at daycare anyway, this is seeming like a viable option. I think I might also try to leave work a bit earlier so that she doesn't eat so late and so that we can put her to bed earlier.

Parenthood: always such a learning experience!

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