December 18, 2009

Daddy to the Rescue!

I've been sick since last Sunday night. I'm pretty sure that this latest bug is courtesy of daycare. PK is a bit sick too, but her version of it seems pretty mild. Not that I'm complaining about my symptoms; they've been pretty mild too. Except that I've had to take two sick days (aka work from home in my PJs), because I didn't feel well enough to haul my butt into the office. I took my first sick day earlier in the week, on PK's day at home with grandma. That worked out well, because I didn't have to worry about getting PK to and from daycare. Also, since PK was a bit under the weather, it was nice that she was home. Believe it or not, it has actually been cold in Toronto this week (below 0C).

The next day I felt well enough to go into work. In fact, I felt like I had pretty much gotten rid of this bug. And then, in the afternoon, I was hit by a second wave of sore throat. I'd had a sore throat when I first got sick, but it was the raspy, mild sore throat that I usually get when I have a mild cold. This new sore throat was definitely worse. The type that feels like your whole throat is swollen and inflamed. And then I started feeling some minor chills. Not good. Still, I managed to make it home with PK in tow. By the time I got home though, I was totally out of it. Thankfully, the hubby was able to cover bathtime for me while I took a nice long hot shower. There's nothing like the feeling of a nice long hot shower when you're feeling crappy. I made it up to PK's room for storytime, and then I spent the rest of the evening in bed while the hubby cleaned up and brought me tea. Such service!

I felt crappy again the next day. There was no way I'd make it in to work. And I definitely didn't feel up for getting PK to daycare. So the hubby woke up extra-early to drive PK to daycare on his way to work. I helped get PK ready while he got ready for work. In spite of the fact that he drove her to daycare, they actually made pretty good time.

After they left, I get to sleep in a bit, and then I spent the rest of the day in bed, working in my PJs. I also snuck in another nap (I was home sick, after all). Well, that definitely did the trick. I felt good as new by the time the hubby and PK got home. Good thing too, because it was the hubby's night off from bath duty. We have an arrangement that once a week, the hubby gets an evening to himself. That means that I take care of bathtime and storytime and do kitchen cleanup, while the hubby gets to relax and do whatever. I think it's a fair trade-off, because he covers for me when I go off to violin class or when I have to hide away in the basement and practice before violin class.

I am truly grateful that the hubby is the embodiment of the word partner both as a parent and as a husband. Whenever life gets just a little busy, it's good to take the time to recognize that. I know that life would be a heck of a lot busier if he didn't pick up the slack. And I know of so many moms from my mommy group whose spouses don't put nearly as much work into raising their kids, and the mom is stuck doing all the work. Thank you, hubby. You're awesome!

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