December 10, 2009

Thanks for Nothing

Today, I arrived at the subway station as usual to take the subway downtown to drop PK off at the daycare and to go into work. As soon as I got through the gate, I read a big sign on the elevator door that said, "OUT OF SERVICE". I go to Plan B: the escalator. The escalator in the area usually goes down for morning rush hour, so I figured I'd be okay. Except that the escalator was out of service too. (As a side note, have you ever noticed how often escalators seem to be out of service? WTF???)

I look over at a TTC employee who is near the elevator and ask, "Well how am I supposed to get this stroller down then?" Rather than attempt to be helpful, he just shrugs. Same with the ticket guy. In fact, NOBODY offered to help carry the stroller down the steps. Fortunately for me, our winter stroller is still fairly light, and PK still isn't all that heavy, so I was able to carry the stroller down myself.

Given how most people don't have an ounce of decency and kindness in them, no wonder the world is going to hell.


Fawn said...

That sucks, Indy. But honestly, it's not about the world. It's about Toronto.

IndyComp0T1 said...

I do agree that Torontonians take the asshole crown compared to citizens of other cities, but there is still much cruelty in this world.