January 31, 2010

The Bearded Man

Today one of my good friends popped in to see PK. His visit was short because he was working today and had to head back to work to deal with an emergency. (PS: Have I ever mentioned that weekend work SUCKS?) Of all of my close friends, he's probably the one who has seen PK the most, so by now she recognizes him when she sees him, even though it takes her a little while to warm up to him. I find that she's like that, even with family. When she saw my mom on Saturday, for instance, she acted all shy, even though she sees my mom at least once a week.

Anyway, as my friend was leaving, the hubby asked PK to point out my friend. She did so without any hesitation. He asked her again, and she pointed to him again. Then the hubby asked her to point out the bearded man (my friend has a bit of a beard going). Instead of pointing to him, however, she pointed to ME! I'm guessing that she mistook "man" for "mom", which is probably why she pointed to me. Still, it's pretty freaking hilarious. Moments like these make it all worth it.

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Fawn said...

Bahahaha! Does this mean you'll have a new nickname? LOL