January 12, 2010

The Great Bananaless Banana Caper

I took PK to Indigo, her absolute favorite place in the world
(followed by our basement, which has become a mini-Indigo), late this
afternoon. After over an hour of me running after her while she pulled
books and toys off of shelves, her pushing stools across the floor
like they were pushcarts, running up and down the ramp to the kids'
section together, and of course, reading some books together, I
decided to offer her a snack. I gave her a blueberry cereal bar, which
she happily wolfed down. Except for the last 1/5 of it, which she
dropped on the floor. She freaked out when I wouldn't let her eat it.
We were on our way out anyway, and to calm her down from the loss of
her last bit of cereal bar and from the fact that we were leaving
Indigo, I promised her a banana from the grocery store next door.

That didn't do me much good because I didn't produce said banana
immediately. I kept trying to tell her as we left that we were buying
it next door. Try explaining THAT to a hungry and tired toddler. We
made it to the grocery store with less drama than I expected.
Unfortunately, when we got there, much to my dismay, it turned out
that ALL of the bananas were green. Then I spotted another set of
bananas a few meters over (it turned out that the first set were
organic and were therfore segregated from the non-organic variety).
Unfortunately the non-organic bananas were also all green. Crap. PL
was getting upset. She kept saying "nana" in this very confused and
distraught tone. Why was mom NOT getting me a banana as promised??? I
tried to explain to her that the bananas were green so they wouldn't
be any good. Try explaining THAT to a desperately hungry toddler
expecting a banana.

Some quick thinking brought me to where the breads were. I grabbed her
a cheese roll, she nodded in approval, and then got mad at me because
I wouldn't give it to her right away. I don't believe in eating unpaid-
for food in the supermarket, even if you plan on paying for it later.
I think it's rude and it teaches your child a bad habit. So I endured
PK's whining until I paid for the roll (it seemed like we were in line

Finally, the roll was paid for and she eagerly dug in. The roll was a
good 20cm long, and she got through about 3/4 of it when all was said
and done. I guess she was hungry!

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