February 16, 2010

Marking Territory

We've gotten aggressive with PK's potty-training in the last couple of
weeks. In part because she has been more communicative with regards to
her bodily functions. She often likes to tell us when she pees or
poops, saying "pop" for poop, and "xixi" for pee (pronounced "she-
she", which is the Portuguese word for pee). She has also taken to
getting out her change pad, a diaper, and her box of wipes when we're
playing down in the basement.

We have also been putting her on the toilet every morning when she
wakes up, and every evening before her bath. We have been more
successful with the morning pees, though these days, her pees in the
toilet are few and far-between. Still, she LOVES toilet time and even
requests it. She likes to bring along her English/French picture bool,
which we use to each her words in English and Portuguese.

Last weekend, we bought her some pull-ups to make it easier to get her
to the toilet or potty when needed. The pull-ups are still a bit big
on her, so we still use the size 3 diapers on her for nighttime. (Have
I ever mentioned that PK is tall and dainty?)

Today, were all sitting down for dinner when PK said "pop". So we
pulled her off the highchair and plunked her onto the potty. I
distracted her with some books while the hubby did some kitchen clean-
up, but she was rather restless and kept getting up. Finally, she got
up, and to my surprise, I found my leg covered in pee. It was quite
the gusher and it took me so much by surprise that I shrieked. Poor
little PK was startled by my shrieking and fell back onto the potty,
slipping on the puddle of pee on the floor, and began to cry.

I gave her a big comforting hug, though it took a while to calm her
down. Poor thing! We managed to do a quick clean-up (thank goodness
for laminate kitchen floors), get a fresh diaper on, before whisking
her up to her room for some playtime. Clearly this incident hasn't
scarred her, because PK is sitting haalppily on the toilet in her
bathroom, reading a book with daddy.

Looking back on the whole thing, I can't help but laugh. As the hubby
put it, she basically made our mother/daughter bond official by
marking me as her territory.
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