March 8, 2010

19 Months Old

So I guess I'm a little late on the monthly PK updates. I used to be so good about keeping track of PK's milestones. I used to update them religiously on my phone, noting down every single little thing. I used to be much better about blogging about her development, too. But then I realized that I actually spent more time blogging about my daughter, than actually spending time with her. I was more like an observer, than a participant. Obviously not a good thing. That, combined with work and the fact that PK actually demands our attention makes it quite difficult for me to blog as often as I'd like. And believe me, I've got this whole mental list of things that I'm dying to write about but just can't find the time to sit down and write.

At any rate, here I am. Here's my long-overdue monthly update. First off, I would like to note how quickly the last few months have gone by. PK turned 19 months old on March 6th, and had it not been for the monthly e-mails that I get from BabyCenter, I might have gone on thinking that PK was 18 months for a couple of months more! Here are some highlights of PK at 19 months:

1. Language
PK's language development is progressing really well. I speak to her in Portuguese whenever I'm with her, and because of that, she can understand both English and Portuguese equally-well. She knows some words in Portuguese, though she says more English words. Although I don't speak to PK in French, she has quite a sizable collection of French books, which she enjoys very much. I really enjoy reading to her in French because it helps me brush up on my French (I used to be quite fluent in high school), plus it's our special little thing, since French isn't exactly the hubby's forté.

2. Pretend Play
I don't know where PK picked this up (daycare, most likely), but she really seems to be into pretend play. We have this "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" book, which is just a book of the song lyrics with some cute little pictures. (As an aside, kudos to the genius who thought up the idea of putting a popular kid's song into a 5-page book. Fast way to make a buck, don't you think?) Anyway, the book has a bunny and some stars, and the stars are covered in sparkles. When we hit the last page of the book, PK always "grabs" some stardust and feeds it to her trusty stuffed animal, Bear-Pig. She also likes to feed stardust to us and to herself too.

Also along the lines of pretend play, she got a tea set for Christmas from the hubby's sis and her family - the kind that you see set up at practically any Indigo in Toronto. Anyway, she LOVES playing with the tea set. She'll pour tea into the cups, and drink the tea. She enjoys serving it to us as well.

3. Drawing
We finally got PK into drawing. It all started when a friend of ours bought her a little Magna-Doodle for Christmas. She immediately took to it. The Magna-Doodle is awesome, because PK can practice drawing, without making a huge mess. I later bought her a big Magna-Doodle that came with some shape stamps. The loves stamping out the shapes across both Magna-Doodles, though she prefers to try to put the shapes back into their holders over actually playing with them.

We did eventually buy PK some crayons, but we restrict their use to her playroom in the basement. Fortunately, she's pretty good about trying to draw within the paper. Whenever she strays onto the table, she says, "Uh-oh!" which obviously tells us that she knows that she shouldn't stray onto the table. Clearly my mom's influence (not that I'm complaining).

4. Sleeping with Stuffed Animals
We started letting PK sleep with a stuffed animal about a month or so ago. We rotate through three different stuffed animals: Bear-Pig, Froggie, and Snuffy. For the record, the hubby and I bought Snuffy for ourselves back in 2005, during a trip to Montreal. He sat in the den with our other stuffed animals, where he led a happy life. Then one day, PK snatched him away from the den and decided to keep him for herself. In fact, many of our stuffed animals seem to have migrated from the den to her room. At any rate, PK really enjoys sleeping with her stuffed animals, and we let her choose which stuffed animal to sleep with each night. I think she really looks forward to it.

5. Choosing Her Clothes
In the last week or two, PK has really gotten into choosing her own clothes. While she won't pick out entire outfits, she does enjoy picking out her shirts and shoes. The other day, she pointed to a picture of overalls in one of her picture books, and insisted that we let her wear her overalls. Who am I to argue with that? I am, after all, a huge fan of overalls in kids, and make it a point for her to have overalls every time she starts wearing a new size.

6. Mealtimes
PK has gotten really good at feeding herself. She really enjoys eating with a fork and with a spoon, and she can sometimes even scoop some food by herself. While she can hold utensils with both hands, she still seems to prefer her left hand. When PK was about 3 or 4 months old, she definitely preferred her left side. The hubby worked really hard to get her used to doing things with her right hand, and we certainly see the positive results of that effort now. That being said, she has always preferred her left hand, and I have a sneaking suspicion that she'll be a leftie, like me.

I guess even though I'm not keeping track in writing of every little thing that PK has done, I've got a bit of a mental list going on. Now that I've put it in writing, I'm so amazed by all of the things that she can do. I got so many other things that I could put down on this post, but it's getting a bit on the long side, so that will be my cue for exit. Hopefully I won't wait so long until the next monthly update.


Mrs. Shiny and New said...

My daughter also loves to pretend. She has a toy kitchen and will "cook" for us and prepare tea/coffee. And she started sleeping with stuffed animals too. The collection has grown. Before she falls asleep at night, she sings to herself and talks and we've heard her talking to the stuffed animals, saying "Sit properly...wait there," and all kinds of instructions. She is very picky about mealtimes too. She will insist on a bowl or a plate or a certain spoon or fork. Sometimes it is maddening. And we also have resorted to pureeing veggies and putting them in her food. Right now, we have zucchini muffins!

Mr. Shiny and New said...

Personally I like the pretend play. At Christmastime we were making pretend cookies. Then she wanted to feed them to my mom's dog, which wasn't here at the time, so I pretended to feed them to the dog, but then she wanted to HUG the pretend dog, and was upset that she couldn't. Finally she decided to hug the rug on the floor instead. But those cookies were probably the easiest I ever baked!