April 29, 2010

The Toddler Room

PK is FINALLY in the toddler room at daycare!!! She was supposed to have transitioned over at 18 months (she's almost 21 months now), but apparently there was a huge backlog at the daycare, so she was delayed in getting there. They actually had to open up a brand-new toddler room because the waiting list was so huge. I'm relieved that the time has come, for several reasons:

1. About 25% of the kids in PK's infant room were of toddler-room age, and PK was one of them. With most of the room's activities being geared towards infants, PK wasn't exactly being intellectually stimulated.

2. Potty-training is part of toddler room activities.

3. The ratio of teachers to kids is higher, which means: WE PAY LESS PER MONTH! Hurray!

PK has been gradually transitioning into the toddler room. This week, she spent probably 90% of her time in the toddler room, and things were looking pretty good. I was especially pleased that PK knew most of the kids in the room, since many were from her room and the room next door. Plus one of the kids was even in her weekend music class. (Small world!) Still, PK is like me, and HATES change, so I was bracing myself for the worst. And it did happen. Today.

Today was the first time that I dropped her off directly in the toddler room instead of at her old infant room, and she was not too pleased. In fact, she was hysterical. She cried and cried and cried. And of course it made the other kids start to cry. Great. PK was THAT kid. And her teachers looked soooooooo pissed! Seriously though, it broke my heart because she absolutely adores her teachers from the infant room (and they adore her), and because nobody likes to see their kid cry. I've always been pleased with the fact that PK is always happy going to daycare. She pretty much bonded with her teachers on day one. Now, she has to form entirely new relationships with her new teachers.

On top of that, I personally don't think that her new teachers are as nice as her old ones. Sure, they're pleasant enough, but the old teachers were just super-warm and caring. Like yesterday PK didn't finish the fruit that I packed for her on-the-subway breakfast. In the infant room, I'd give the leftover fruit to the morning teacher, and she'd always put it in a bowl for PK to have with her morning daycare snack. I tried to explain the same concept to the new teacher, and she looked at me, all confused. And then today I asked about PK's potty-training, and I was told that they do it when the kiddies are ready. Well, I said that PK WAS ready, since she pees in the toilet in the morning on a regular basis and that I want some continuity to go along with the home routine. So then I got the run-around of having to figure out bathroom schedules since the new toddler room doesn't have a bathroom in it. Arrgh! Okay, so that's probably all valid, but still.

I almost felt like PK was going to prison today. Obviously my mommy emotions are getting the better of me here, and it's obviously not that bad, but I guess when you're used to one way of doing things, change can be rough. I told you that PK gets her fear of change from me. Anyway, I suppose that I just need to give it some time. Maybe I'm the one who needs more time to adjust to the idea of PK being in the toddler room!

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