May 22, 2010

Escaped Youth

Last week at The Gap, I noticed that they were selling overalls for
women - both skirt-style and pants-style. I was super-excited because
I have to admit that I've been searching for overalls for adults for
the past year or so. I love overalls.

I had a pair of denim Ikeda overalls in high school, when they were a
fairly popular fishion item. The last time I owned overalls was in
1997, when I was in first-year university. They were a pair of black
courdoroy Ikeda overalls. I ditched them a year or so later, thinking
that I looked a bit frumpy in them.

About a year or so before PK was born, I bought a pair of white skirt-
style overalls from Guess. I don't know what possesses me to buy them,
because I looked really skanky in them. They weren't cheap, either.

After PK was born, I made it a point of buying her overalls anytime
she graduated to a new clothing size. She looks so damn cute in
overalls! When I couldn't find girls' overalls, I bought them from the
boys' section. All the while, I dreamed of finding a pair for myself
so that PK and I could wear matching outfits. But overalls were no
longer popular. And then The Gap came out with their overalls, and my
silly dreams of matching outfits were once again renewed.

Today, I decided to try on both the pants-style and the skirt-style
ones. I likes the pants-style ones a lot, but I came to an important
realization today; I don't think that I have the guts to go outside
wearing overalls. Plus I'm 30 going on 31. Maybe I'm just too OLD for
this. But there was still hope with the skirt overalls. Until I tried
it on. The hubby was trying to be honest yet polite, as I insisted
that they would look good if I got then taken in at the sides. I
almost had myself convinced, too. That is, until a woman who was
nearby and overheard our conversation and flat-out told me, "It looks
hideous on you. You are way too cute to be wearing this." That was
like a slap in the face. I wasn't offended by the comment, but its
bluntness made me realize that I was in denial over the whole thing.

So much for wearing matching outfits. I guess overalls are a thing of
my past. It's time to move on. That is, unless some other store comes
up with a realy cute pair. Just kidding.
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1 comment:

Fawn said...

Ahahahaha! That's hilarious! I love overalls on kids, too, but I just can't picture it on an adult. Yes, wait, I can.