May 17, 2010


PK has discovered stickers. PK's fascination with stickers started at daycare. Her daycare provides us with daily written reports - what she ate, diaper changes, sleep times, etc. They have lately gotten into the habit of putting a little sticker on top of the report. One day, we noticed PK trying to peel the sticker off the report. Then we noticed her doing this every day. She was smitten. So a week ago, we went to Toys 'R Us and decided to pick up a ton of stickers for her.

The stickers were an immediate success with PK. We went through four sheets in a matter of minutes (I think we picked up about 15 sheets). I think PK was initially more amused by trying to peel the stickers the stickers from the backing. Sticking the stickers was a bit of an after-thought. So much so that once she'd peeled all of the stickers and stuck them on the paper, she decided that it was then time to remove them from the paper.

In the last week, PK has gotten really good with her stickers. For one thing, she is now spacing them further apart on the paper. She has also discovered that stickers can go on a variety of surfaces, including floors, furniture, and skin. One time last week, she had lots of fun peeling a bunch of heart-shaped stickers and sticking them on the hubby and me. The funny thing is that she HATES it when you stick a sticker on her. She gets all riled up over it. Her reaction was so funny that yesterday, the hubby was continuously putting stickers on her, just to see her reaction. I guess I'd find it mean if it wasn't so damned funny.

This whole sticker play has been a lot of fun for us. It's something that we can do together as a family, and it develops PK's creativity. Best of all, it's relatively easy to clean. It's certainly easier than cleaning bits of Play Doh off the floor, or wiping crayon marks from the floor.

Since stickers are so popular with PK (at least from the time being), we've decided to capitalize on this new love in the realm of potty-training. I won't get into too much detail in this post, but in a nutshell, we've set up a magnetic whiteboard in PK's bathroom with a grid for each day of the month. Any time PK pees or poops in the toilet or potty, she gets a sticker. It took a while for her to understand this concept, but I think she's catching on. This morning, after her morning pee in the toilet, she was running around saying, "Pee pee...sticker!"

I must admit that this sticker thing brings back memories. My sister and I had sticker collections when we were growing up. Collecting stickers was a huge deal for girls in elementary school. And along with collecting stickers came trading stickers. Fuzzy stickers were the much-coveted items of the day. Puffy stickers and shiny stickers were pretty high up too.

Maybe this sticker thing will be the start of a life-long sticker obsession for PK. Or maybe it will be a springboard into collecting stamps (I used to be a stamp-collector back in high school), coins, or spoons? (Ugh at that last one.) Or maybe this will just be a phase. I guess time will tell; but for now, I'm going to enjoy the quality time that I get to spend with PK as she enjoys her stickers.

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Fawn said...

My friend Marusia, who used to work as a child-life specialist, calls stickers "currency" for kids. We use it for Jade's potty-training, too, but also for crafts. She loved making Easter eggs out of construction paper -- getting to cut it out along the line and then covering it with stickers. :)