May 10, 2010

The Workout Routine Changes Again...

My days of power-walking home from work with PK in tow are numbered. PK is now refusing to sleep on the way home from daycare. This makes her extra-tired/hyper/cranky when we get home. Not only that, she has decided that she no longer wants to sit in the stroller. This wouldn't be a problem if she:

a) Walked faster
b) Walked where I want her to walk
c) Didn't insist on pushing the stroller while we walk
d) Didn't insist on NOT holding my hind while we walk
e) Didn't decide after a few steps that she wants to be carried, but not in the stroller, which means that I am carrying 10kg of toddler AND pushing a stroller

Since I am not completely evil and recognize that maybe, just maybe, PK is sick and tired of sitting in a stroller for 40 minutes, I have re-jigged things on our walk. Now we walk about 2km home instead of 4km all the way home, hopping on the subway for the rest of the way. That way, I get my power-walk (albeit a shorter version of it) and PK gets to do one of her favorite things: ride the "choo-choo". It's win-win all the way. For now.

So now that my home walk has been shortened, it means that I try to get in a lunch power-walk more often (and it's great for clearing my head). Why? Because I'm just a teeny bit obsessed with staying fit. And while the hubby admires the end result, I'm sure he's sick to death of me saying that I'm not happy with my body. Please insert your psycho comments here.

Oh, and, to further intensify my work-outs, I bought a pair of Reebok Easy Tone shoes. The idea behind these shoes is that the soles are rounded, so it's "supposed" to feel like you're walking on sand and/or kind of simulate being on a balance ball (not really sure how, but whatever). And they are "allegedly" supposed to make your butt 28% firmer. I don't know that I necessarily buy all of this, but they are damned comfortable shoes, and they definitely give you a bit more of a work-out. Totally worth the $100.

I am bracing myself for the day when PK decides that she's sick and tired of the stroller and we end up having to take the subway all the way home. It will happen. She is, after all, growing up, and she wants to assert her independence. Until then, I will milk the post-daycare walk as much as I can.

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