June 10, 2010

Fashion Queen

PK has really been asserting her independence lately, from wanting to sit on a regular chair (and climbing on the chair by herself!), to eating really well with a fork or a spoon, and choosing her own clothes. It all started a month or so back, when I started giving PK choices on what to wear - Mary Janes or running shoes? White socks or striped socks? Blue undies or purple undies? And guess what? She REALLY got into it. So much so that now she has VETO POWER over some of our clothing choices. A few examples:

1. Shoes
A few weeks back, I decided to put PK's brand-new running shoes on her, as we headed out the door for work/daycare. We plunked her down onto the stroller, and then suddenly she started to freak out, trying to take off her shoes. I thought that maybe the shoes were on too tight, so I loosened them. It turns out that she didn't want to wear these shoes, and instead wanted to wear her magenta Mary Janes. She calmed down immediately after we made the shoe switch.

2. The Khaki Pants
PK was outgrowing some of her pants, so the hubby and I decided to buy a couple of new pairs before the pants in the kiddie clothing stores were replaced by shorts and capris. We bought one pair of really cute jeans, and one pair of khaki-colored boys' pants. (Aside: apart from the cute jeans, the girls' selection was AWFUL. I don't know why there is this obsession with skinny pants/jeans, and why it has trickled down into kiddie clothes. UGH.)

Anyway, PK tolerates the jeans well enough (barely), but she HATES the khaki pants. The one time we managed to get them on her, she made such a fuss that we had to make a quick switcheroo just as we were literally out the door to take her to daycare. Nowadays, whenever we show her the pants, she'll automatically say "No."

3. Leopard-Print Pants
The in-laws make frequent trips to the US to play bridge (oh, the life of retirees!), and they always return with a TON of clothes for PK from Carter's. On one of these trips, they came back with shirt and pants set which featured a pair of pink leopard-print pants. Now, I hate anything with a leopard print, but I have to say that PK totally rocks those pants. Not only that, they are her absolute favorite pair of pants. Whenever we ask PK to grab a pair of pants from her drawer, she will almost always come back with these pants. We'll let her wear them indoors, but we veto her choice for outdoor use. Of course, she's not a big fan of our veto.

4. Soccer Jersey
When we were in Rio, I bought her a soccer jersey from one of the city's soccer teams. She LOVES that shirt. Whenever we ask her to pick a shirt, she usually comes back with that one. Super-cute!

5. Flip-Flops
I bought PK a pair of flip-flops for the summer, and she HATES them. Whenever I try to put them on her, she freaks out on me and tries to tear them off her feet. She recently took a renewed interest in her flip-flops because she discovered the hubby's flip-flops and started walking around in them (freaking hilarious). So she pulled out her flip-flops and asked me to put them on her. She was all excited until I actually put them on. I guess she doesn't like the feeling of having something between her toes.

6. Sandals
PK refuses to wear sandals unless she has socks on. We somehow managed to convince her to wear her sandals sans socks when we were in Rio, but ever since we came back, she really fusses when we put her sandals on. Over the May 2-4 long weekend, we took PK to the lakeshore, and when we got there, she kept trying to take off her sandals, and got mad when we said that if we did that, she wouldn't be allowed to walk around.

I find this whole interest in fashion really hilarious - I guess she's quite the girlie girl. And hey, I'm not complaining. At least I get to pick out which clothes to buy for her. I fear the day when she'll start picking out and buying her own clothes, because the way that girls are dressed these days, they look like total hoochies. Ugh.

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