June 7, 2010

Imagination Runs Wild

I have been getting an absolute kick out of PK's imagination of late. She has especially taken a keen interest in her dolls and stuffed animals, and now likes to "take care" of them. It's so awesome to see! Here's a little sample of some of her games:

1. The Sleeping Game
PK is really into putting her dolls and stuffed animals to sleep. She usually takes one of her blankets and covers the doll from head to toe (kind of looks like a body on its way to the morgue, rather than a sleeping doll, if you ask me), and then sits there patting the doll on the tummy. She has most recently taken to playing this game with both the hubby and me. She usually gets me a pillow and orders me to lie on the floor on my stomach (lying on my back won't do). She then covers me and pats me on the back. I can't complain; I have been so sleep-deprived lately, that I enjoy these little naps! She also plays the sleeping game with the hubby, except that she makes him sit on the glider in her room, with his arms to his sides. She covers him with a blanket, and does not allow him to move.

2. Singing
The other night, PK lined up all of her nighttime stuffed animals in her crib, and one by one, was teaching them how to sing "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep". She's still learning the words, so it sounds more like "Baa baa sheep, whoa whoa wooo," over and over and over again. Very cute to listen to. Of course, I have her version of the song stuck in my head in a permanent loop now.

3. Potty-Training
Last Christmas, my mom bought her a Cabbage Patch doll. She had a totally lame name, so we decided to re-name her Vera Xuxa. Vera was my grandmother's name, and Xuxa is the name of a popular kids' entertainer in Brazil when I was growing up (she's still around). PK calls her Xuxa. Anyway, after we started potty-training PK, she started potty-training Xuxa. A sample:

PK (to Xuxa)
Pee pee?
[Checks Xuxa's diaper]
[Puts diaper back on]

Repeat. Over. And over. And over.

A slight variation:

Pee pee?
[Checks Xuxa's diaper]
[Puts Xuxa on her toy chest]

4. Nighttime Routine
This technically doesn't fall under imaginative play, but it's cute, so I'm throwing it in anyway. PK is really into saying "night night". So much so, that she insists that we say it every time we put her to bed at night or for a nap. If we don't say it, she throws a fit. So every night we end off by saying "Night, night," followed by, "I love PK". She then proceeds to say, "Night night! I love Mommy. I love Daddy. I love PK. I love Piglet. I love Bear-Pig. I love [Raggedy] Andy. I love Froggie." It's freaking awesome. Especially awesome is that she pronounces "night" as "nigh" and "love" as "low". Just makes my heart melt!

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