July 6, 2010

23 Months

PK is 23 months old today. Next month, she'll turn two. TWO years old! I don't know where the time went. My pregnancy is now a distant memory, as are those first few weeks after PK's birth. I think about people with their second kids, and I don't know how they do it. I was crabby pregnant woman, and I was bummed out for PK's first few weeks and months. I don't know if I could ever do that again.

That being said, I'm sure glad that I have PK. I can't even imagine a time when she wasn't here. She is such a little joy in our lives. Nowadays when she wakes up, she wakes up happy and singing, usually the "ABC" song, "Twinkle, Twinkle", or "Baa, Baa Black Sheep". It's a wonderful way to wake up. It kind of reminds me of when she was an infant and started cooing. I remember waking up to her cooing over the monitor. It was a wonderful way to wake up. Mind you, in those days, the cooing turned into a desperate "I'm hungry, woman! Feed me!" cry in a matter of seconds.

PK's language development is really coming along. Besides singing and putting several words together to form short little sentences, she's really picking up both English and Portuguese. Last week, we had a major language breakthrough. We were reading a book together last week and I pointed to the picture of a button. I asked her in Portuguese what it was, and she said the word "button" in Portuguese. The next day, I was reading the same book and I asked her in English, and she responded in English.

We just started up the summer session of PK's music class, and she was sooooooooo excited to be there! She was originally enrolled in the class for two-year-olds, but because her birthday is still a month away, we were forced to "downgrade" her to the class for 12-24 month-olds (she was enrolled in that last fall). This means that she's one of the oldest in her class. That didn't really matter to her though, because she was just happy to be singing along with her teacher.

Her personality has really begun to blossom, too. Yesterday, as usual, I plunked her on the toilet when we got home. I took my usual seat in front of her, on her step stool. As soon as I put her on, she started freaking out on me. I couldn't figure out why. It turned out that I didn't have the step stool oriented in a certain way (which baffled me, because I never sit that way), and that upset her. It wasn't until after I adjusted myself that she calmed down long enough to let out a big giant pee.

And speaking of peeing, PK's potty-training is going really well. With the exception of naptime and bedtime, PK wears underwear around the house. We've had a few accidents here and there, but most of PK's pees at home are in the toilet. Most of the time, the hubby and I have to figure out when to plunk her on the toilet. Fortunately PK is pretty good at holding in her pee, and the hubby and I are pretty good at guessing when she needs to pee next. If we're lucky, she'll ask to pee. She does ask us to poop. Usually she says, "Poo! Poo! Poo!" Unfortunately, I think I've gotten way too good at tuning out her whining, so sometimes it takes a while before I register her "Poo!" cries as requests for sitting on the toilet. This has usually meant that we had a couple of poops in the underwear accident. PK can now even pee and poop at both grandparents' houses. The next step is to get her to go in public washrooms. I'm a bit reluctant to do that, because I am a total germophobe, and this is high on my ick scale. So, for now, we have her in pull-ups when we go out. The cool thing is that if we're out for a short time, PK usually manages to hold in her pee until we get home. Freaking awesome.

PK has also been really into swimming lately. Both my parents and the in-laws have swimming pools, so now that the weather is hot, we always go into the pool whenever we head up for a visit. This totally makes PK's day. She loves being in the water, swimming with mom or dad. We decided not to go for swimming lessons this summer, but I have a feeling that next summer we'll be doing the swimming lessons for sure.

So now that PK's birthday is a month away, I need to figure out what I'm going to do for a party. It looks like the popular thing to do is to throw a party at a park. I don't blame parents for doing that, because at this age, there is no way in hell that I would want a bunch of two-year-olds running around my house. I did that last year with a bunch of one-year-olds running around my basement, and I could barely manage. And unfortunately I don't have a backyard, otherwise I would totally do a backyard party. I guess that's the problem of living in the city! But that also means that either I the party at a park or in some indoor playground. Suggestions?

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