July 31, 2010

A Comedy of Errors

My dad's birthday was on Saturday, so we planned on heading up to my parents' place at lunch hour to celebrate. Since PK flat out refuses to nap at my parents' place, it meant that we needed to fit in a short nap before we headed up, so that she wouldn't be overly-tired by the end of the day. We put her down at 11am in the hopes of getting some food prepared that we were taking up there. I also hoped to get a bit of a workout in during that time.

Right after putting her down, she started freaking out. This is very unusual for her, as she goes down without any issues both at naptime and at bedtime. Through her frantic cries we were able to make out "pee pee" and "toilet". Strange, because she had just peed in the toilet before we put her down. Still, I went up to her room, and asked her if she needed to pee, to which replied, "Yes." So I put her on the toilet, and she immediately peed. A big, giant, pee. I guess she hadn't quite emptied out her bladder during that pre-nap pee then.

After I got her all washed up and back into her crib, I told her that she needed to get her rest so that she could see her grandparents later in the day. She seemed a bit dopey and didn't reply. I hoped that that meant that she was tired and would fall asleep shortly.

I went down to the kitchen and started preparing some food to take over. Then I heard the wailing through the monitor (not that I needed the monitor to hear that wailing). I ignored it, hoping that fatigue would eventually take over. But it just got worse.

So I decided to go upstairs again to see what was up. I once again told her that everything was okay and that she needed to get her rest to see her grandparents later. She turned to me and said what I thought was "Vovó", the Portuguese word for grandma, though it sounded a lot like "Bobó". That struck me as weird, because that's not a word that she mispronounces. Then I realized that "Bobó" was actually "Popó", which is the Portuguese word for "poo".

Since PK hadn't had a poo yet, I thought that I had better heed the warning. That and she's usually really good telling us when she needs to poo. So back we went to the toilet. She sat and sat. She really wanted to get it out, but nothing was coming out. Then I decided to have the hubby grab some yogurt for me to give to PK while she was on the toilet, since sometimes that gets things going. After initially rejecting the yogurt, she started eating it, and even insisted on eating it herself. She managed to eat it without making a huge mess, and after she was done, happily said, "All done!" and proceeded to get off the toilet. And that's when I noticed the big turd in the toilet bowl. Talk about a stealth poo!

Finally, she would be able to rest. After all, she'd had a pee and a poo. All was well with the world. I put her back in her crib, gave her the same little speech, left her room, and headed back downstairs to finish my cooking. PK was happily singing "Old Mac Donald" through the monitor. Then the singing turned to crying. This time, there were no cries for pee or poo, so we just let her cry it out. She eventually settled down at 12:15pm, over an hour after we'd first put her down for her nap. We were supposed to be at my parents' for 1pm, which clearly wasn't happening. We opted to let her nap until 1pm before heading up to my parents'. This gave us some time to finish cooking and relax while she slept.

Of course, I can't complain about all of this running around because of toilet time. I did, after all want to train her relatively early, and that's what I get for it. On the bright side, it means that now PK seems to prefer doing her business on the toilet than in the diaper. Not bad.

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