July 13, 2010

A is for Arrrgh!

Today was one of those days. The type where you really really really want the day to end. The type where you really really really want your kid to go to bed early so that you can have some peace and quiet. The day where you really really want to go to bed early and get the sleep that you should be getting but don't because you stay up way too late watching TV or messing around on the computer.

I came home from work early because it was PK's day at home with my mom. I always find these days exhausting, because as soon as I get in the door, I am greeted by PK, who is super-excited to see me, but who is also itching to go to Indigo (aka The Happiest Place on Earth - sorry, Disneyworld). I barely have enough time to get changed and all that, before taking her out.

Today, however, was a bit different, because the hubby was home. Home sick. With tonsillitis. (He slept all day while my mom watched PK.) I am praying to my non-existent god that I don't get this, because this thing is so nasty the doc told him that if he doesn't feel better within a couple of days of starting on antibiotics, he should go to the ER. Naturally, I'm thrilled at the prospect of catching this nasty bug, and even more thrilled at the prospect of PK catching it. Need to stay positive.

So I get home and the hubby is in the basement with PK, since my mom left a bit early. The hubby is passed out on the couch and PK is happily playing. She invites me for a tea party and serves me some food. So far, so good. Then the hubby needs to leave for his doctor's appointment, so I take her up to the kitchen in the hopes of cleaning up a bit before starting dinner.

And so it begins.

I could tell that PK was sleepy, because she was rubbing her eyes. My mom said that although she was in her room for 2 hours, she doesn't believe that PK actually napped. Fabtacular. So now in the kitchen, PK wants to play what we refer to as the Sleeping Game. It consists of putting one of us to bed. Except this time SHE wants to be put to bed. She lies down on the little toy pillow that made its way from her room down to the kitchen (things tend to migrate around the house when my mom looks after PK), and says, "Help please," meaning that she wants me to put her blankie on top of her. She lies there angelically while I rub her back. All is well with the world.

The she gets up, lies back down, and says, "Help please?" So I put the blankie back on, and rub her back. And then she gets up again. I honestly lost count of how many times this happened. She even shook things up a bit by moving to another part of the kitchen.

I finally got sick of this, and decided to start some cleanup. Which is when I start hearing what sounded like "Bee bee! Bee bee!" I suddenly realize that it was actually "Pee pee! Pee pee!" and that PK was standing in a puddle of it. She was very distraught, especially since I was rather exasperated at this point and may have um...uttered the F-word under my breath.

After cleaning up, I take her to the toilet to see if there's any more pee that she saved for the toilet. Hey, sometimes it happens. No such luck.

I finally get dinner going. She is distraught because I took her beloved Xuxa (Cabbage Patch doll) away from her, because Xuxa needed a cleaning, so I offered her Ted the Turtle instead. That calmed her down. She starts eating. And then puts Ted on her high chair tray and uses him as a pillow. I got a few more bites into before she gave up on eating.

Since eating wasn't happening anymore, I thought it would be good to get PK's bath going. That took a while, because I decided to plunk her on the toilet first. Although she peed, it didn't happen immediately.

We get to the bathroom, and she decides that she wants to pee again. We set up her Dora the Explorer folding toilet seat on the toilet. (Aside: she seems to know who Dora the Explorer is, even though she's never even seen the TV show. We only bought the damned seat because it was portable.) Lo and behold, she actually DID pee. And then as soon as she got off, she wanted to pee again. I saw right through her, knowing full well that it was a stall tactic. Ha! Gotcha!

Bathtime was fortunately uneventful, but when we got back to her room, she gave me a hard time again. First, she decided that she NEEDED to play with her stacking cups. So I let her do that while I brushed her hair. Once all of the cups were stacked, she put them away and decided that we could proceed with storytime. Storytime means that she MUST have Huggie Monkey and her Lamb with her. So I grabbed them for her, and she gleefully climbed up on her glider. I had to sit on her kiddie chair, since I have been officially banished from the glider. We didn't read too many books because she insisted on leafing through every book herself, once I'd finished reading it to her. It is really really cute, when she does this, but I was tired and totally not looking forward to the cleanup that I still had to do downstairs.

Finally, I said that it was time to brush PK's teeth, and she was actually co-operative. After brushing her teeth, I told her that it was toilet time before bed. She got all mad at me when I pulled off her pull-up and plunked her on the toilet. She cried and cried and cried until I finally relented and took her off, so that she could get onto the toilet herself. She still didn't pee once she got on, because she decided that I must do the Hokey Pokey (must've learned that at daycare). Only AFTER she was satisfied with my performance did she finally pee. So I gave her a sticker magnet to post on hear board. Which she took FOREVER to post. I really really wanted to put her to bed.

She flushed, washed her hands, and finally got into her crib. But she wanted me to read her a final story before saying good night, as I had promised (usual bribe to get her to brush her teeth). So I read it while she sat attentively in her crib, and then she insisted on flipping through it, "reading" me the story.

Finally, we said our good nights. I called the hubby up from his delirious nap to say good night, and PK was rather upset that she couldn't hold his hand or give him a kiss. I told her that if she did, she could end up with an ouch in her throat, just like daddy. She didn't really buy it, but at least went with the flow.

And that was that. She was finally in bed. And the hubby, who was still feeling like crap turned in early, while I assessed the massive amount of cleanup in the kitchen. Sucktacular.

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Fawn said...

Maybe it's the cycle of the moon, because I had a similar kind of day. At least it's over now! Good luck staying germ-free over there. :)