July 8, 2010


One of the advantages of PK moving to the toddler room (besides the fact that she's learning a ton of awesome things with her peers) is that there was a potty-training component. Unfortunately, we ran into two snags. First, PK didn't start at the toddler room until she was 21 months old (versus the usual 18 months), because there was no room to accommodate kids from the infant rooms into the toddler rooms. Second, the space issue was alleviated by converting one of the infant rooms into a toddler room. Infant rooms don't have toilets in them. Toddler rooms do. This new infant-cum-toddler room therefore did NOT have a toilet.

Meanwhile, the hubby and I started to aggressively potty-train PK right around the time she started in the toddler room. She started getting really good at it, so naturally I wanted to make sure that there was some continuity at school. I therefore asked her teachers to make sure that she got some toilet time while she was there. Unfortunately, since her room has no toilet, the only time they can take the kiddies to the toilet is when one of the toddler rooms is vacated (i.e. kiddies playing in the playground or out for a walk). This means that when (and if) they DID take the kiddies to the toilet, it wasn't necessarily when they needed to go.

I let this slide for a while, but in the last couple of weeks, PK has been making some awesome progress with toilet training. While she seems to not be confused by the fact that she pees in her diaper at school but pees in the toilet at home and at grandparents' houses, I do worry that she may start to wonder about this strange disconnect. So I decided to bring this up with the site directors to see what we could do.

Fortunately the site directors at PK's daycare are super-duper awesome, and are extremely accommodating. (Side note to parents: NOT being bitchy to site directors does wonders. Just saying.) They suggested that we move PK to one of the other toddler rooms that did have a toilet, and told me that they would start looking into it ASAP. No kidding. By the time I went to pick her up last night, I was told that they had checked the space availability, and both toddler rooms can accommodate her. I just need to choose which one. Yay!

I am really glad that they are so accommodating, but at the same time, I feel like a total meanie. After all, I am telling them that I want to yank my daughter from her current classroom, which she totally loves, and put her into another classroom, full of kids that she either doesn't know or doesn't remember from her days in the infant room. I felt extra-bad because the other day, we got PK's class picture, and she was able to point to a number of her little friends, and all of her teachers. (Aside: the daycare had hired a photographer to take official class pictures and portraits of the kiddies.) Oh, do I ever feel guilty! Plus I don't want her teachers to think that she's switching classes because I don't like them. Far from it. They are awesome!

But, in the end, switching rooms is the right thing to do. Continuity and routine are important for toddlers, even if maintaining the continuity means breaking it for a brief period of time. She starts transitioning this week, and will probably be in the new room full-time next week. I really hope that it goes well. The one thing that's comforting is that the toddler room I chose is one that she's been to several times (kids from her toddler room and the new one get merged into her new room at the end of the day sometimes, when there is a low headcount). Plus the site director said that PK is very outgoing and that he doesn't feel she would have too much of a problem. That definitely makes me feel like less of a meanie. We'll see how this plays out.

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