July 26, 2010

Purell, I Love You

Warning: This post is related to potty-training. Read at your own risk.

On Sunday, we went out for brunch. We go out for brunch often on Sundays, but this Sunday, was different. Just before we left the restaurant, I went into the washroom - I'd had way too much strawberry lemonade. (Yes, TMI, but this is an important plot element. Seriously.) Anyway, when I got back, PK turned to me and said "Poo poo." We didn't have her foldable toilet seat on us (forgotten at the in-laws' house during our last visit), so I was tempted to just tell her to poo in her diaper. I then changed my mind, thinking that this would probably be a good time to get PK used to using a public washroom. Plus, as far are public washrooms go, this place was half-decent.

I walked PK to the washroom, trying to think of how the logistics would work. I thought of what my mom said she'd done with my sis and me when we were kids. She said that we used to stand on the toilet to pee. I didn't have any better ideas, so that's how it would be. PK was wearing a dress, so I proceeded to take off the dress panties and then her diaper. Getting the dress panties off was hard, because I needed to take off her sandals - her fancy sandals, which she insisted on wearing - without her feet touching the bathroom floor. In spite of my best efforts, floor contact was made. I tried to ignore that fact.

Once shew as bottom-less, we went into the stall. First thing she does is try to touch the toilet seat. I don't know if she actually touched it, but I told myself that she didn't, so that I didn't drive myself nuts. I then proceeded to stand her on the toilet seat. Having been told (brainwashed) during potty-training that we pee sitting down, she was totally confused by this, and tried to sit down. So I told her that she needed to pee standing because the toilet seat was dirty. She relented, though she was definitely confused. I told her to pee, and she started peeing. Except that the pee was misdirected and ended up trickling down her leg instead of being centered. Clearly disturbed by this, PK stopped peeing. Meanwhile, I'm trying to think of how I'm going to clean up this mess. Focus. Focus.

I told PK that she could continue peeing, and she managed to get some more out. I asked her if she still needed to poo. I told her that if she needed to poo, she would have to poo standing. I guess this whole experience must have scarred her, because the poo that she told me that she needed to get out wasn't so urgent anymore. Poor thing! So we cleaned up, and exited the stall. I still had to clean up the pee that made its way down her leg and onto her foot and sandal. I also needed to get a pull-up back on. At that moment, I wished that we still used normal diapers. So much easier to get on. Just great.

That's when I whipped out the Purell that I always keep in my purse - you never know when you might need it - and applied it to the peed-on areas. I then managed to get the pull-up on. I didn't bother putting on the panties that came with her dress, since they'd touched the floor when I'd taken them off. Next came the hand-washing. Fortunately there was a chair in the washroom, so I brought the chair over to the sink and stood PK on the chair to wash her hands. We'd made it.

PK was very co-operative during this entire experience (ordeal), and was certainly very confused. That being said, when we left the washroom and rejoined the hubby at our table, she very excitedly said, "Pee pee...toilet!" Definitely a huge accomplishment...for both of us.

She did not ask to pee or poo for the duration of our outing. I was a bit worried that this whole experience would have deterred her from peeing in public again (or at home, for that matter). When we got home at 2:30pm, her diaper was soaked. She didn't go before her nap, but she went several times after that. Whew. The poo from lunch hour didn't happen until well after 6pm, but at least it happened, and at least she told us.

All in all, it was a very interesting and enlightening experience. I have learned several things from this ordeal:
  1. Always keep portable toilet seat on you when out with kiddie (the hubby went out and bought two while PK was napping).
  2. Always have Purell on you. You never know when you might need it.
  3. Getting a kid to pee on the toilet while standing on said toilet is NOT a good idea (at least not for my kid).

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Fawn said...

My mom used to use toilet paper to cover the toilet seat so we could sit. Also, I've found at Wal-Mart little portable packages of toilet seat covers (like the ones from airplanes) that totally fit into a purse. My friend M sits her children sideways on those big toilet seats so that they don't touch the porcelain part of the bowl. Just some extra ideas for you! (Although, in case it makes you feel better, unless one has a bacterial infection, urine is actually pretty sterile.) :)