July 19, 2010


Today the hubby and I are celebrating 7 years of marriage. I still can't believe that it has been seven years. It seems to me like we were married just yesterday. I still get warm fuzzy feelings whenever we pass by the chapel where we were married. We recently attended a wedding in that same chapel, and it brought back a flood of memories. For all the planning that goes into a wedding, it sure goes by fast.

Back before PK was born, we used to take two weeks off at around the time of our anniversary, and would go away somewhere. The past couple of years have been relatively low-key, for obvious reasons. Still, we did manage to go out on a date, thanks to the babysitting services provided by the in-laws.

I have to admit that in all of our years of marriage, nothing put more strain on our marriage than PK's arrival. For us, it truly changed the dynamic of our relationship. When we first got married, we did everything together. When PK arrived, it became very difficult to do certain things together, especially when having to co-ordinate scheduling around feedings and naps. We were suddenly living more for someone else, and less for us. Then there were all of the stresses that came with having a newborn - lack of sleep, meddling from family members (everyone has a goddamned opinion on something), my feelings of insecurity as a parent, and oh, that lovely breastfeeding thing that plagued me for the better part of my maternity leave. That was super fun.

But we pulled through. Besides, as the vows say, "for better or for worse". And we've certainly seen each others' bad sides and good sides. Somehow we aren't completely freaked out by each others' bad sides, so here we still are. Seven years later. Different, but the same. Older, and maybe a bit wiser, and hopefully still just as goofy as when we met.

So happy seventh anniversary to my hubby - BFF, partner in crime, and fellow geek. You are AWESOME!

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