July 12, 2010

What I've Learned About Parenting (So Far)

As PK's second birthday approaches, I've been thinking a lot about this parenting thing. While as parents, it is our responsibility to teach our children a number of things as they grow up and beyond, we as parents learn a lot from our children too. I put this list together over the weekend, and I thought I'd share. Enjoy!

What I've Learned About Parenting (So Far)
  • I am usually NOT in control, but sometimes I think I am.
  • What worked today won't necessarily work tomorrow.
  • My kid can always be bribed with chocolate, cookies, or ice cream.
  • Kisses DO make boo-boos better.
  • Potty-training is more stressful for the parent than it is for the child, especially when everyone around you has an opinion about when and how it should be done.
  • After a crappy day, there is nothing better than a hug and a kiss from your kid.
  • A child's laugh is the best medicine.
  • Hearing bad news about someone else's child always makes me cry.
  • I am no longer embarrassed when talking about bowel movements.
  • Stickers are a form of currency.
  • Dolls need to go potty too.
  • You will never understand what your parents went through until you become a parent yourself.
  • Sometimes you just need to let them cry it out.
  • It's easy to be a backseat parent when you have no children of your own. When you become a parent, however, you realize that what makes sense in theory is hard to apply in practice.
  • Kids repeat EVERYTHING, so you need to be extra-careful with your words. I don't happen to think that "hell" is a swearword, but I actually avoid using it in front of my kid.
  • It DOES go by way too fast.
  • When I'm upset, my daughter senses it and tries to make me feel better.
  • Children are the most forgiving people.
  • The first time you hear your child give a genuine, hearty laugh is magical.
  • Everyone has an opinion on how things need to be done when it comes to child rearing. Don't listen to them. Go with your gut.
  • Breast may be best, but if it doesn't work out, move on.
  • While it's nice to avoid having an epidural during childbirth, if you're unfortunate enough to have a long, painful labor, there is no shame in asking for the drugs!!!
  • You will NEVER EVER experience as much joy in your entire life as the moment you meet your newborn child for the first time.
  • Someone that small CAN and WILL produce that much poop.
  • You will get pooped, peed, and barfed on at least once in your life.
  • Nothing makes you feel more helpless than seeing your child suffer.
  • No matter what people say, you will always compare your kid to someone else's kid.
  • All children develop at a different pace.
  • No matter how bummed out/annoyed I am at work, whenever a co-worker asks me about my kid, I immediately light up.
  • When you have a newborn, hearing burps and farts make you happy.
  • When your kid has his/her first "human poop" you will be surprised. On that note, isn't it funny how we refer to it as "human poop"? As if they're not human until their poop says they are? Weird...
  • Soothers are A.W.E.S.O.M.E.! They are also like baby crack.
  • Kids will get into anything.
  • Toddlers don't understand the concept of dirty and gross. As far as they're concerned, toilet water is neat, and rubbing toilet paper used to clean their pee-pees all over themselves is perfectly normal.
  • "No" is an open invitation.
  • If you're a germophobe before having kids, you will either become even more of a psychotic germophobe, or you will surrender to the germs and not care (as much).
  • With all the amount of gross stuff that kids pick up/ingest, it's a wonder that they don't die of Bubonic Plague.
  • My life was turned upside-down when my child was born, but I can never imagine life being complete without her.


Unknown said...

What I've Learned About Parenting (So far)
Executive Summary


Fawn said...

Hear, hear!

I haven't been around blogland much lately, but FWIW, I think that potty training is more than enough of a reason to have PK moved to the toddler room WITH toilet. She was supposed to transition months ago, anyway, right? No need for broken hearts (not that saying so makes it better!) -- I'm betting she's taking it better than anyone else. :)

Mr. Shiny and New said...

Every time you hear your child give a genuine, hearty laugh is magical.

Fixed that for you.

On days when I've come home from work feeling murderous, I find some way to make my kids laugh, and then all is well in this world.