July 26, 2010

Young Rivals?

PK's potty-training has been going really well lately. She not only goes at home, she also goes at daycare (more on that later), and she goes at both her grandparents' houses. She even went once while we were over at a friend's house. (We had the portable toilet seat THAT time.) My mother-in-law, who was skeptical about potty-training kids before age two, has been converted. I can't say that there are many times that I've impressed my mother-in-law, but this has definitely been one of them.

She has been so impressed by PK's potty-training, that she's been telling my sister-in-law all about it. My sister-in-law has two girls. One is almost 5, and the other is 20 months old. The older cousin wasn't potty-trained until she was over 3. The younger cousin, however, is a different story. In fact, her younger cousin is going to start potty-training later this week. I can only speculate that this sudden interest in potty-training is brought on by PK's recent successes.

I definitely take this as a form of flattery. After all, imitation IS the best form of flattery. Still, could this also be the beginning of a little bit of competition between cousins? Dun dun dun...

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Fawn said...

Jade is now (finally!) potty-trained. Halia, who is 20 months, is also more than halfway there -- largely because she is imitating her sister, I suspect. I sure won't miss changing diapers when it's finally all over! :)