September 10, 2010

Cheesy Time

PK and I have started a little tradition recently. I call it Cheesy Time. Cheesy Time started a couple of weeks back, when PK and I had just returned home from daycare. Neither of us was really ready for dinner, and I was a bit hungry. So I decided to eat some cheese. PK loooooooooooves cheese, so I gave her some too. We sat in front of the fridge, side-by-side, enjoying our respective pieces of cheese. She had a cheddar cheese stick, and I had some gouda. It was our time together, and it was awesome.

Cheesy Time has now become part of our after work/daycare routine, and I totally look forward to it every evening (we have a weekend edition of it too). Partly because I really like cheese, but mostly because it's time spent with PK cuddling up to me. That's priceless.

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Fawn said...

That's so sweet. I love it!