September 13, 2010

The Great Supermarket Caper

We went grocery shopping on Sunday. We were barely into the produce section when PK asked to go pee. So I proceeded to take her. Until I realized that she had her stuffed monkey, Boolessant (she named him) with her. Not wanting to get him all dirty, we went to find the hubby to hand the monkey to him. The hubby was in the meat section when we caught up with him. The meat section had samples, which PK immediately spotted, and therefore demanded. I gave her one of the samples, and took one for myself. It was lamb. I thought it was gross (I don't like lamb). PK loved it. After she finished her sample, we went off to the washroom. Again.

Once in the stall, I lined the toilet seat with toilet paper and put her Dora the Explorer folding toilet seat on top. I had just gotten the toilet seat on, when PK declared, "Pee pee in pull-up." Sure enough, she'd peed in her pull-up. Crappity crap crap. At that time it occurred to me that if we hadn't gone back to give Boolessant to the hubby and then proceeded to have one of the meat samples, this would've never happened. Coulda' woulda' shoulda'. I tried to change PK's pull-up, but she kept trying to climb off of the toilet. I somehow managed to get her back on and change the pull-up. We were barely out of the stall when she turned to me and said, "Samples?" I told her that we could get some more samples once she washed her hands.

When we went back into the supermarket, there were pizza samples. I asked her if she wanted any pizza and she said, "No! Samples!" She was referring to the meat samples. Apparently pizza samples don't count. So we went and got more of that (yucky) lamb. She devoured it. We then proceeded to find the hubby. As we walked around, trying to find him, we passed by the yogurt sample guy. He was giving out entire cups of YoBaby yogurt (PK really likes this stuff), so we took one. We then passed the cheese sample lady, and I gave her a couple of samples of cheddar, which she happily devoured.

Finally, we spotted the hubby, at which point I plunked her on the shopping card and gave her some of the yogurt. She devoured it. And then asked for "samples" again. Back to the lamb. We did some more shopping, and then PK declared that she needed to go "poo poo". This time, the hubby took her.

When they returned (no poo poo, unfortunately), she asked for more "samples". So back we went. She devoured that. Then we continued shopping. We went past the cheese lady again. More cheese for PK. And then we passed some olive oil samples. Once in a while they have these guys from some fancy olive oil company. I love their olive oil, but they always go into some crazy spiel on the origins of their olive oil in Italy and who it's run by this guy and that guy, and how it's a family business, blah blah blah. Just let me eat your damned olive oil-soaked bread in peace. I gave PK two pieces of baguette, and grabbed some olive-oil-soaked bread for myself. The annoying olive oil guy was talking to someone else, thank goodness.

Then PK asked for "samples" again. If you're keeping count, we're at lamb piece #4. I would like to add at this point that these pieces of lamb are quite filling, and that after I had the one (yucky) piece myself, I was pretty much set for the rest of the day. I don't know how PK just kept going. But she did. So we got her some more lamb. And then we went to see if there were any pizza samples. There were! So we got some for ourselves and for PK. So now PK was holding hunk-o-lamb in one hand, and a wee slice of pizza in the other. And then we passed some Oreo cookie-esque cookies (the supermarket's in-house brand), so I grabbed one for PK. So at this point, PK had hunk-o-lamb, pizza, and cookie in her hands. Happily munching away. That's when I took a picture of her. You need to keep these things for posterity!

By the time we got home, we didn't bother giving PK any lunch, since the samples at the supermarket had pretty much done the job. She did, however, have a few pieces of kiwi and a bit of orange before we finally put her down for her nap. I must admit that PK's eating habits are dumbfounding. Some days, she eats like it's the last meal she'll ever have. Other days, trying to get food into her is a struggle (and a losing battle). Mind you, this is only at home, because she allegedly eats well at daycare.

At any rate, yesterday's trip to the supermarket was definitely unique and very amusing. Besides, it makes for a great story!

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