September 23, 2010

PK's Boyfriend

At the tender age of two, PK already has a boyfriend. His name is Georgie. PK and Georgie first met in the infant room. Georgie is pretty close in age to PK (a month and a half younger), so when PK switched over to the toddler room, he did too - to the same room. I first learned about PK's affinity for Georgie when we were leaving the daycare one day, and PK spotted Georgie in the building lobby. Her reaction went something like this:



And then a few weeks ago, we ran into Georgie and his parents on our way out, and both kids were super-excited to see each other. Georgie's parents then proceeded to tell us that Georgie talks about PK all the time. So the feeling was mutual! So. Friggin'. Cute.

Realizing how much Georgie and PK liked each other, Georgie's mom invited PK to his birthday party. The party took place last Saturday, which, incidentally was also the day that we picked up the new car. The party was to take place at 3pm, and after picking up the car, we still had to eat. So we stopped off for some lunch. PK ate really well and was excited to be sitting with mom and dad on a big-person chair. It was cute.

We piled into the car, and made our way to Georgie's house. He lives in the middle of nowhere, in the northern part of the city, in an area that to me, looked like it was halfway to cottage country. The roads narrowed, the houses were pretty spread out, and the air smelled like...air! We were about 5 minutes away from the house when PK suddenly started crying. I was driving, so I couldn't look back. But the hubby did, and he quickly found out why PK was crying. She had puked all over the back of our new car. Our two-hour-old new car. Our new car with leather seats. Sigh. But honestly, in the greater scheme of things, the car was the least of our worries. PK was upset, and she needed comforting. And she needed to be cleaned up. So I pulled overt to the side of the road so that the hubby could clean her off while I wiped down the car. The new car smell had been replaced by the smell of fresh vomit. Yum.

Most of the puke, which was half-digested cheese (we'd had pizza for lunch), had ended up either on PK or on the car seat. A bit landed on the interior of the car itself, but it was pretty easy to clean. The stuff on the car seat, however, was another story. I don't know how she did it, but she managed to get puke in every imaginable crevice of the car seat, and then some. It was gross. Fortunately, we'd had some paper towel in the back, so at least we had something with which to wipe the puke.

Meanwhile, the hubby was sitting with PK on the side of the road (which was a grassy area), trying to clean her off. She was totally upset because she was all dirty, and PK hates being dirty. When she was a younger, she refused to partake in any painting activities in the infant room because she didn't like getting her hands dirty. Anyway, she got puke all over her jeans and her jacket. The only things that weren't puked on were her t-shirt, and her shoes. The hubby stripped PK down to just a t-shirt, pull-up, and socks, and put the pukey clothes into a plastic bag (a rarity for us to have plastic bags, because we use re-usable bags about 99% of the time). Now that she was free of the puke, PK was in a great mood, and proceeded to run up and down the grassy patch in her pull-up, t-shirt, and socks, giggling away, while the hubby chased after her. I wish I'd taken video of that at the time. But alas, I was busy cleaning puke off the back of the car.

When everything else was cleaned up, we plopped PK back into the cleaned-ish car seat, and continued on our way to the party. We were pretty confident at that time that PK's puking incident was a result of motion sickness, and nothing else. This sort of thing has happened to us twice before. The pattern is that PK pukes if she has a meal just before getting into the the car. We should've known better, but it's been such a long time since the last puke-in-car incident that we didn't even think about what would happen if she went for a car ride right after eating. Dumb-ass moment #120.

When we got to Georgie's house, PK was ECSTATIC. While the hubby sprayed Lysol in the car (yup, we had some of that too, oddly enough), PK and I started making our way up the hill to Georgie's house. As soon as she caught sight of Georgie, she ran up the grassy front yard to meet him while he ran excitedly in her direction. Cue in the Romeo and Juliet music. PK was only in a pull-up, t-shirt, and shoes, but she didn't care. (Dumb-ass moment #121 - forgetting to pack an extra change of clothes. PK has soiled her clothes enough times in public for me to know better.) She rolled around the grass and jumped (more like bounced - she still can't quite jump) excitedly at the sight of her little boyfriend.

The party was mostly located outdoors, in Georgie's humongous backyard. Georgie's parents were nice enough to lend PK a pair of pants and a jacket. Even before we got the pants and jacket, that didn't stop PK from making herself at home in Georgie's backyard and playing in his car and wagon. She walked around like she owned the place.

Later that afternoon, a children's entertainer came by to sing some songs with the kids. PK was super-excited and got right into it. She was having a blast. As an aside, I'm really glad that PK had so much fun. She is so much more outgoing than either the hubby or I am. We are both pretty shy people, and whereas we kept mostly to ourselves (except for a bit of small-talk with other guests and some short chats with Georgie's parents), PK had no qualms about playing with kids she didn't even know. At one point, one of the kids put a blanket down on the grass and dumped a whole lot of Thomas the Tank Engine toys on it. PK plopped herself on the blanket, made herself comfortable, and started playing with the trains.

At dinnertime, both Georgie and PK plopped down on a blanket and shared a couple of plates of food. It was really cute to watch. I think at that point, Georgie was a bit tired of all the attention he was getting, and of having other kids play with his toys. When it was time for cake and candles, he'd just about had it and started crying. PK, on the other hand, was totally excited and wanted to pounce on the cake. She ended up taking her piece of cake and eating it in Georgie's pickup truck. That's my girl.

Eventually, it was time to leave. PK was overly-exhausted from having had no nap that day, and from running around all afternoon. She'd had a wonderful day. And she didn't want to leave. It took us about 20 minutes to get her into the car, and we literally had to pry her from there. She fell asleep shortly after we left, for our long drive back to the city, in our new car that smelled like Lysol and puke. It was a good day.

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