September 9, 2010

Switcheroo In Progress

I mentioned in a previous post that I was in the process of switching a few items back to my maiden name. A couple of weeks ago, I went and got my driver's license switched back. I wasn't really sure what I needed to switch the name back, so I came armed with an old (expired, invalid) passport, my marriage certificate, and my citizenship card. The latter was a flukey add-on, because I wasn't even planning on taking it with me had it not been for the hubby suggesting it the night before. Why not, right? Well, good thing, because that was the ONE piece of ID that I absolutely needed to have with me in order for them to process the change. As an aside, my birth certificate wouldn't have been any good because I wasn't born here. Besides, I didn't have it on me anyway.

Oddly enough, they had me take a new picture, even though I'd renewed my license two years earlier. But hey, whatever. The great part about it was that since it was a name change, I didn't have to pay for the new license! A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

After that, I headed straight to the bank to change my name on the account, with my temporary license in hand. With the proper documentation, changing my name on the account was extremely easy.

I have to admit that after changing the name on my license, I couldn't help but feel liberated. Having my old name back was like having my identity back. Nothing against the hubby. And fortunately he didn't take offense either. He never insisted that I change my name, and I am grateful for that. And I am doubly-grateful that he's not mad that I changed things back.

Next up: my passport. That may be an entirely different can of worms...

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