October 27, 2010

The Big Girl Bed

We've been procrastinating about getting PK into a big-girl bed for a while now. A number of her friends already sleep in a toddler bed or a regular bed, and PK is still in her crib. There are two main reason behind the hesitation.

First of all, PK's room is all the way up on the third floor. Right outside her door is a steep and narrow staircase. We have a gate outside the door, but still. The thought of her up in her room by herself (not in her crib/bed) makes me nervous.

Secondly, PK likes to climb stuff. She climbs onto her glider easily, and if it were up to her, would stand up on the glider and sway too and fro. Next to her glider is her dresser, which, if she falls the wrong way, she could bonk her head really badly on the corner of the dresser. She also likes climbing on and off of her toy chest. Fortunately there are no crazy obstacles near that. She hasn't tried climbing her bookcase yet, but I wouldn't put it past her. Since the bookcase has no back, there's no good way to tether it to the wall. Oh, and there's the fan in her room. I have nightmares of her strangling herself with the cord. She typically doesn't even go near the fan when it's off, but again, I wouldn't put it past her. I remember how a few years back, Mike Tyson's daughter strangled herself to death with the cord of a treadmill. Freaks me out.

You can see that I like the idea of PK being caged in by her crib. Not to mention the fact that everyone I know who has transitioned their toddler to a bed from a crib has gone through a bit of
a rough time, as their kid realizes their new-found freedom. Just friggin' great. Still, most of her friends are in beds and she sleeps in a bed at both grandparents' houses. She'll start to ask questions.

I think we'll be transitioning her over this weekend. In preparation for said transition, we've decided to buy a video monitor for her room, so that we can keep tabs on her in her room when she decides to wander off from bed. The monitor cost a bleeping fortune ($200!), but I think that it was well worth the cost. This thing totally kicks ass. Not only is it digital (doesn't interfere with our wireless network and isn't messed by the microwave), the camera that comes with it works really well in the dark. When we turned off all of the lights, you can STILL see the person there, in pitch-black conditions! Super cool.

If you're interested in checking it out, the monitor is called Levana Wireless Babyview 20. There's a separate camera-only version too, which is basically a fancy night-vision Webcam. If this works as well as the camera/monitor combo (which it probably does), I figure it would make a really awesome security camera. Sorry, I'm geeking out here. Technology gets me all hyped up.

Anyway, B-day (Bed Day) has been designated for Friday. We actually bought a crib conversion kit when we bought the crib, so we at least don't need to think about buying a new bed (for now). I hope it doesn't take too long to figure out. And most importantly, I really really really hope that PK sleeps well in her new bed that first night. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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