October 28, 2010

Halloween Fun

Today PK had her Halloween party at daycare. It was supposed to run from 3:30pm to 5pm. I was planning on being there for 4pm, but ended up getting there at 4:30pm because I was tied up at work. Unfortunately, by the time I got there, I had missed most of the activities. Apparently there was singing and crafts. PK did, however, sit down with me to make a paper jack-o-lantern. While the other mom who was there told her kid where to put the pieces for the mouth, eyes, and nose, I let PK go free-style. I've included the picture below.

I feel really crappy for having missed the bulk of the party. I feel like I let her down by not having shown up earlier. Fortunately, she didn't seem too scarred...yet. I wonder if she'll feel that way when she's older. I guess that means that I need to get my ass in gear and show up to these things on time.

PK got a little treat bag from her teacher, which came in a little brown bag decorated as a jack-o-lantern. As soon as she saw the bag, she said, "Want coffee." Great. Now her teachers must think that we give PK caffeine or something. (Probably not. I'm just being dramatic.) Anyway, I figured out why she was going on about coffee. The hubby is big on coffee (I'm totally not), and every week when we go grocery shopping, we always buy coffee beans at the supermarket. It's one of those setups where you select your roast and scoop it into a bag. The bag happens to be a brown paper bag, hence the coffee comment from PK. Gotta love that.

Since I was at daycare early, I let PK roam around outside for a bit when we got home. She had oodles of fun playing around in the leaves, and even sat at our front steps holding some leaves singing "Old MacDonald". It was tons of fun, and I'm glad that PK and I had this little bit of extra quality time.

On Sunday we're going trick-or-treating with one of PK's little friends. We went out with her last year. I have a feeling that both girls will really get into it this year. When we got home today, PK was totally going after the chocolate bar that she got at daycare from her little friend Nicholas. We managed to use the chocolate bar as motivation for her to finish her dinner. I figure, if she`s hungry enough to eat crap, she`s hungry enough to eat her dinner, right? Right. Parenting at its finest.

Anyway, looking forward to trick-or-treating on Sunday. I have a feeling that PK's kiddie harness will come in extra-handy.

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