October 5, 2010

Subway Sing-Along

PK and I usually walk about 75% of the way home from work/daycare. (Well, I walk, while she sits in the stroller.) We take the subway the rest of the way, which is only two stops away from our final destination. PK really likes taking the subway. She calls it the "choo-choo", and gets very excited when it arrives. We both yell "Choo-choo!!!" as it pulls into the station.

Every time we get on the subway, she always says, "Mommy sit!" I don't usually take a seat on the subway because a) it's only 2 stops and b) it's mostly inconvenient to take a seat with stroller in tow without just getting in the way. Almost every time I get on the subway, someone offers me their seat, which I politely decline. PK does NOT like it when I don't take a seat on the subway. In fact, she's thrown tantrums when I don't take a seat on the subway, which I'm sure makes the person offering the seat think, "Just take the goddammned seat and shut that kid up." But I'm stubborn and I don't want PK to grow up spoiled, so I don't take the seat. And so she screams. And I have to calm her down. And everyone is relieved when we get off two stops later.

So yesterday I tried something different. Here's an excerpt of our dialogue:

PK: Sit!
Me: But why? PK is already sitting.

PK: No, Mommy sit.
Me: But we're getting off soon. Besides, mommy needs to stand in order to stay close to PK, and so that we can sing some songs together.

PK: E-i-e-i-o? [Referring to "Old MacDonald"]
Me: Sure. Can you sing it for me?

PK: No, Mommy sing!
Me: [whispering] Old MacDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o...and on his farm he had a...?

PK: Horse!
Me: E-i-e-i-o, with a...

PK: Neigh, neigh here
Me: and a...

PK: Neigh, neigh there

And so on. At one point, I stopped singing. At which point PK put her hand out, as if signaling me to stop, but instead said, Sing, Mommy!" And even though I was on the subway full of people whom I didn't know, my daughter wanted me to sing along. In fact, she insisted. At that moment, I was in my little bubble with PK. Nobody else around me mattered. Only that my daughter needed me to sing along. And so I did.

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Fawn said...

Awesome. I am certain EVERYONE appreciates the sing-along... especially given the alternative! I can't help but smile when I see or hear a parent interacting with their child in a loving way. And singing, well, you know how I feel about that. :) Hurray for music on the subway!