November 24, 2010


On most days, I find being a working mom to be a very manageable task. We've got a pretty decent routine going, and apart from the usual bouts of toddler defiance - which usually rears its ugly head at mealtimes - we do okay. It helps that the hubby is one of the most involved dads that I've ever seen. He is totally all about splitting childcare 50/50.

Ah, but there are weeks where I am dying a slow, painful death, and this is one such week. Both PK and I Have been sick since Monday. I don't think it's anything serious; just a bit of a cold. But PK had a bit of a fever on Monday, so we decided to keep her home. Since I was sick too, the plan was for me to watch PK in the morning. The hubby would watch her in the afternoon while I rested.

And it more or less worked out that way. PK and I had a nice time in the morning. She amused herself by listening to "The Sound of Music" soundtrack on my iPhone for a chunk of the morning. We sat down in the living room with the tree lights on. She loves that tree! And she loooooves listening to "The Sound of Music" music. She can sing most of "Do-Re-Mi" and "So Long, Farewell". She even does some of the dance moves to the latter. I can thank YouTube for that.

Anyway, the hubby came home that afternoon as planned, and instead of resting as I had intended, I worked. Realistically, I WAS planning on doing about an hour's worth of work. There was something that really really needed to get done for end-of-day Monday. And I finished that on time. And proceeded to do some more work.

So in the end, one hour of work turned into four. And I got no rest. And it's all my fault. Unfortunately, I have a fair bit of work to do, and getting sick (much less caring for a sick toddler while you're feeling like crap) was not in the plans. Add to that the fact that the hubby has a huge deadline for the end of the week, and it basically translates into evening work (after PK goes to bed) to keep up and make the deadline.

Since I never got my rest on Monday, it meant that I wad fried on Tuesday and had to take another sick day (though it's not like I slacked on Monday). This time, it was a real sick day, because I spent most of the morning sleeping. PK was still sick, but at least my mom was around to help out. Thank goodness.

Now we're at Wednesday. I had every intention of coming into work and taking PK to daycare. And I am in fact, sitting here in me dress clothes. But I'm at home, waiting for PK to wake up. Normally I don't do that. We wake her up at 7:15am to get her to daycare on time. She usually acts like a teenager and rolls over whenever we come into her room. But today when she was up at 6:30am wanting to use the toilet, I didn't have the heart to wake her at the usual time. She still sounded kind of icky. So I'm waiting until she wakes up naturally to see if she's well enough to go to daycare. Speaking of which, there she is. Wish me luck!

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