November 10, 2010

The Little Things

I came across this post today. It's a guest post written on one of the blogs that I regularly follow called Law Momma. I like Law Momma because I think we're very much alike. She's a working mom just trying to make it all work, and gets bogged down by it all. By Jove, I'm not alone! But that's not what I'm writing about today. I'm writing about that guest post (link above). In a nutshell, it's about a mom who struggled with infertility who eventually adopted a boy from Korea. It's wonderfully written, and it really made me feel thankful for PK.

Sometimes I get so frustrated with her. She likes to act up and disobey me, at which point I need to come up with an effective threat, like "If you don't eat your food, you won't play with your bath toys tonight." And she gives me a hell of a time when I try to brush her teeth these days. Again, I counter with an appropriate threat. I HATE not being able to sleep in on weekends, and have to entertain all the time. And I hate it when she skips a two-hour nap on weekends, because it means that I lose out on some extra time to relax. It's tiring.

But I love her anyway, and wouldn't trade my constant state of fatigue for the world. Especially when she smiles, or laughs. Or when she serenades the subway platform with "Old MacDonald". Or when she sang "Do-Re-Mi" on our way to Indigo yesterday evening. I love being able to buy clothes for her. I love how her face lit up when I bought her an Elmo doll the other day (she's really into Sesame street - more on that later).

I sometimes need a kick in the arse to realize how awesome my kid is. Because sometimes, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of life, it's really easy to forget.


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Fawn said...

A friend of mine posted that she was having discipline issues with her toddler. I asked a dear friend of mine who teaches child development classes if there was a good book she could recommend. She suggested "1-2-3 Magic". You can get a pretty good idea of it by reading the online descriptions. We've all heard *someone* count off when a child isn't obeying, but this explains how to make it work. I still lose my temper at times, of course, but when I can remember to stay in control and TAKE control, things usually don't escalate as much. I know that's not what your topic was really about, but you might find this more effective than "finding a good threat". :) We're all in this together!

Fawn said...

Hey, Indy, I just wanted to come back to apologize. You wrote a really nice post here, but I got all caught up on the beginning of it. You weren't asking for advice and I don't know why I felt like I had to give it. I know you're a great mom -- sometimes I'm a little overeager to "help".

Thanks for sharing all those little heartwarming moments.