December 6, 2010

Total Suckage

You might remember my last blog post, about how PK has been sick that week and how I was deciding whether or not I'd take her into daycare that day? Well, here's a quick update. I ended up keeping her home that day, and in fact, kept her home for most of that week. Last week actually seemed better. PK was at daycare from Monday through Wednesday. She had seemed to be doing pretty well until Thursday morning. She was stuffed up and coughing, so the hubby stayed home with her. And good thing, because she was dopey the entire day and had a low-grade fever. Not to mention a bout of diarrhea. I stayed at home with her on Friday just to make sure that she had an extra day of recovery.

In the meantime, the first week of PK's illness, I'd developed a bit of a cold. It seemed to be going away until the Friday, when I lost my voice and started coughing. By Saturday, I had no voice (could barely whisper) and was hacking up a lung. While I was coughing throughout the week (and not getting much sleep in the process), it seemed to be on the mend. Until Saturday. That's when I had a resurgence of symptoms, complemented by a new set of symptoms: a stuffy, runny nose.

I made the mistake of taking a NyQuil on Saturday night. *Technically* the package says that you take this stuff once every 4 hours. Which may be true about the part that suppresses your symptoms (actually, I find it wears off after 2 or 3 hours). The medicine that knocks you out, however, is a different story. That stuff can make me groggy for an entire day. Which is why I usually take DayQuil. If I'm not mistaken, DayQuil contains some sort of stimulant, but for me, it actually makes me sleepy (not as bad as NyQuil), so I tend to take it at night. Suppresses my symptoms without making me groggy the entire next day.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the Saturday night NyQuil did a number on me and I ended up groggy for most of Sunday. Which wasn't good because PK was back to her usual toddler self, and my patience was wearing very thin. I was tired, cranky, stuffed up, and coughing. You can imagine how well that combines with running after a hyper toddler. Not good.

I did manage to get a nap in on Sunday afternoon while PK napped, and even went to bed early - 10:45pm!!! Unfortunately, I started hacking up a lung as soon as I hit the sack. So much for getting my rest. So I read in bed until the cough went away. Which meant that I ended up going to sleep closer to midnight. But at least I slept through the night.

And then morning came and my alarm went off, and I started coughing. And coughing. And coughing. This went on for a good hour. I was coughing so hard that I was gagging. And tearing up spontaneously. It was horrible. And it wouldn't friggin' stop. At which point I decided that it might be best for me to stay home from work. The hubby was nice enough to offer to take PK to daycare. Extra-nice because he had a 9:30am code audit at work, and because it is snowing (and we have accumulation), he would probably be delayed in getting to daycare and subsequently to work. So a big huge "thank-you" is in order to the hubby. You rock!

I decided to work from home today, because, in spite of the hacking, I can still manage to be productive. Plus I'm waaaaaaaaaay behind on my project work now (about 1 week's worth of lost productivity, if not more), and this project is starting to become high-profile. Just what I friggin' need right now.

To top it all off, I have a vacation day planned for this week (to celebrate my mom's birthday), and we have a funeral to go to on Thursday. Aside - the hubby's grandma died last Thursday. I will really miss her. She was a very nice lady and always treated me well. I will never forget the fact that I met her on her birthday, back in 2003, which is the very day that the hubby and I got engaged. She liked me right off the bat. It was awesome. Her death wasn't unexpected, but knowing that she's gone is still very sad. Fortunately, since we knew that the end was near for her, we managed to get one last visit with her on the Sunday before she died.

Anyway, my point in mentioning all of this is that two days this week are a write-off. My three working days HAVE to count. Of course now, I feel extra pressure because of this promotion. And it looks extra-bad because ever since I got the news f my promotion, things have gone downhill at work (with being away due to illness). That looks super-duper good.

On the bright side, PK seems to be better. She is still coughing a bit, but I think it's just a post-viral cough. As for me, I am waiting for some reprieve. Please, somebody tell me that it will better. I want to be healthy again.

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