January 4, 2011

The Holidays - Coles Notes Version

I must say that November and December of 2010 did NOT go according to plan. We spent most of those two months being sick or taking care of a sick kid. I feel way behind on work, and so did the hubby. Sleep kinda went to the pooper as well. We had two weeks off and had grand plans of taking PK out and taking some time off to ourselves by sending PK to daycare a couple of times during the holidays. But alas, the more you plan, the more your plans fall apart, it seems. Not that the holidays sucked or anything. They were just um...unexpected! I could write on and on and on about this, or I could take the lazy way out and hopefully not bore you to death. Here's a rundown of our holidays in a nutshell:

  • This year was the first year that PK was really aware of Christmas, and was actually excited about it. She LOVED helping put up Christmas decorations, and had this huge obsession with Santa Claus and Christmas music. I hate Christmas music, but I found a Muppets Christmas album, which made the music more tolerable. Muppets make anything better.
  • We introduced PK to Muppets and Sesame Street through the magic of YouTube. I fear that I have poisoned my kid's head with TV crap. I guess of all things out there, at least the Muppets and Sesame Street are wholesome.
  • PK became obsessed with "The Sound of Music". "The Sound of Music" used to be my favorite movie of all-time. And then I kept hearing the music and watching scenes over and over. Torture. But seriously, PK re-enacts "Do-Re-Mi" and "So Long, Farewell", and it's very cute. So I guess I don't hate it so much.
  • PK can hold in her pee like there's no tomorrow. She only goes when she wants, not when we tell her to, and we've learned that that's okay. She wears underwear all day, even in bed. We started doing this almost 2 months ago, when we ran out of pull-ups and were too lazy to go out to buy more. She also insists on going to the loo herself. She climbs up on the toilet, wipes herself, and flushes. She just needs help with washing her hands. Very impressive.
  • All three of us took turns getting sick during November and December. I think we spent a 2-week period where we caught 3 different viruses in a row.
  • Two weeks before Christmas, PK got the stomach flu. It seemed to have gotten better a week later, and then we were surprised by puking two days in a row. This scared PK so much that she didn't want to eat, out of fear of puking. We had her on a diet of crackers and grape juice for almost a week. She nearly turned into a great big cracker.
  • The hubby got food poisoning (bad milk from Starbucks) on the Tuesday before Christmas. He was feeling all queasy until the smell of my pecan pies baking made him puke. You'd think that this would be a bad thing, but it was actually good for him. After hoarfing out the little alien living in his stomach, he felt much better. TMI, right?
  • Because of the food poisoning cited above, I decided to take PK out the following day (Wednesday) for a mommy/daughter date. I took her to Toys R Us (she loves pushing the kiddie plastic shopping cart there), followed by lunch at the Pickle Barrel (one of her faves), and then playtime and Indigo (loves the Melissa and Doug shopping cart). It was awesome.
  • I went on a hunt for cassava flour on December 23rd. Cassava flour is the main ingredient for farofa, which basically looks like sand. It tastes awesome. The store I normally go to didn't carry the stuff, and I ended up on a 2km detour which got me my beloved cassava flour, 3 stores later. After that, I had a hard time catching a streetcar home and ended up walking about 1km before finding a streetcar stop.
  • We hosted Christmas Eve with my parents (3rd annual). Much farofa was consumed among other things, including a Christmas chicken (my family doesn't do turkey - they do chicken). PK had a blast, but had no nap.
  • Christmas at the in-laws was postponed indefinitely because my mother-in-law ended up going for an appendectomy at 9am on Christmas day. The surgery was botched, and she ended up staying in the hospital for one week as a result. She is now finally recovering at home, and it looks like we're getting a Christmas this Saturday. Yay!
  • Christmas Day was spent with PK and me going to see my parents while the hubby visited his mom at the hospital. There was no Christmas turkey. We wanted to order the Swiss Chalet Festive Special, but it turns out that they were closed that day. (The nerve!!!) So we had Christmas Eve leftovers instead.
  • We got a bit of redemption by ordering Swiss Chalet the following day.
  • We hosted our annual New Year's Eve pot-luck party at our house. We had an awesome turnout - 16 people total (including us). We were able to put PK to bed before guests arrived, and had a blast. Unfortunately, we didn't get to bed until 3:30am on New Year's Day and were useless for much of that day. Fortunately PK didn't mind bumming around for much of that day. We napped when she napped. Yay.
  • We took PK to the Ontario Science Center on Sunday. There's a whole floor dedicated to kids under 8. She had a blast. Especially in the little fake grocery store, with...you guessed it, the Melissa and Doug shopping cart.
  • Monday, January 3rd was a holiday for us, but PK's daycare was open. So we sent PK to daycare and took a much-needed day to ourselves - brunch and a movie. Previous attempts had been thwarted due to illness, so this was a very very welcome break.

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