February 28, 2011

Little Stalker

PK goes to music class every week. During music class, she sings, dances, and plays percussion instruments. We've really been working on PK's manners lately, so whenever she gets an instrument from the teacher, we tell her to say "Thank-you". Yesterday, the teacher was distributing bells to the kiddies. Some kiddies always like to crowd around the teacher to pick up their instruments. PK had gotten some bells from her teacher and ran back to where we were sitting. The hubby reminded her to thank her teacher, so she ran back to the teacher to say "Thank-you." Except that the teacher was too busy going around the room, distributing instruments. So PK kept following her, saying "Thank-you!" The hubby and I were cracking up, because she just wouldn't let up until the teacher acknowledged her. She must've repeated about 6 or 7 times before the teacher finally realized that PK was speaking to her. Once that happened, PK happily sat back down beside us. All was well with the world.

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