February 28, 2011

Princess PK?

I hate princess culture. Personally, I find that princess culture breeds prissy girls. You know, the ones that one day turn into Bridezillas and who make your life miserable if you ever have the misfortune of being bridesmaid. So yeah...totally hate the princess thing.

But alas, I have a little girl, and somehow, in spite of the fact that I in no way encourage these things, my daughter is into purses, shoes, and dresses. Last week she insisted on wearing tights and a skirt all week long. It was cute at first, but I started to panic when we reached the weekend and she still wanted to wear tights and a skirt. It reminded me of her older cousin, who went through a phase of only wanting to wear dresses. At the time, I thought about how I'd never be the type of parent who would bend to my child's will. So thinking about that incident set me straight and I started to tell her that all of her tights and skirts were in the wash. It was a half-truth. They weren't in her drawer - they were sitting in a laundry basket in our bedroom, just waiting to be folded. We put the clothes away last night. I'm screwed when she realizes that her beloved tights and skirts are nicely folded away in her dresser.

Last October, when PK's older cousin C turned 5, her birthday party was at an indoor playground. As part of the birthday festivities, Sleeping Beauty made an appearance at the party. C and her friends were totally into the Sleeping Beauty thing. For me, listening to that poor woman talk and sing in the world's most annoying falsetto made me want to slit my wrists. Fortunately PK wasn't into this crap at the time. I remember thinking how Sleeping Beauty must drink herself to sleep every night. I mean, that has GOT to be the world's most annoying/depressing job.

But now...oh now...PK is fascinated by the princess costumes at Indigo. The other day she wanted me to help her put on a princess cape while we were at Indigo. I told her that it was broken and needed batteries, and she gave up on trying on the cape. Whew! That was a close one! I know, however, that she's going to clue in eventually, and I'll have to deal with the fact that she's into this stupid princess crap. It scares me. Have you seen the sheer volume of dress-up clothes for little girls??? The stuff at Toys R Us is scary. There are entire wardrobe sets of princess dress-up clothes - complete with storage chest! Barf. This puts the stuff at Indigo to shame. And the shoes. There are dress-up high heeled-shoes for little girls!!! That is wrong on so many levels.

I'm all for imaginative play, but this whole princess and fairy stuff is just too much for me. I hate Dora the Freakin' Explorer and discourage PK from all things Dora too, but Dora is better than princesses. Aside: I have no particular reason to hate Dora other than the fact that she has such a freakishly huge following. I swear she has this weird hypnotic effect on kids. I mean, PK told me last week that she wanted a Dora doll. What the hell? What are they teaching her at daycare that all of a sudden makes Dora the shizz? Isn't the fact that you have Dora the Explorer as a portable toilet seat (not by choice, mind you) enough for you? As I said, I'll take Dora any day over princess play. At least Dora teaches kids about different places and somehow teaches them Spanish. Being a princess teaches your kid to be prissy and bitchy. As if we don't have enough grown-ups doing that.

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Meandering Michael said...

Dora teaches kids how to be mindless drones that do whatever the TV tells them to do.

And Caillou teaches kids how to be whiners.

Peep and the Big Wide World is the best I've been able to find so far.