March 10, 2011


PK and I take the subway as part of our route home from work/daycare. A few weeks back, while stopped at Museum Station, PK started excitedly yelling, "Monsters!!!" I looked in the general direction she was pointing at. There were a few posters. Nothing with monsters on them. There were two guys sitting there. They didn't look like monsters. But PK kept pointing in their direction, saying "Monsters!!!" Of course, my thought was that with her seemingly pointing at these two guys, it was almost as if she was pointing out a couple of pedophiles. I know that this was totally not the case, but perception is everything. I turned red and wished that PK would stop it with this monster thing already.

And suddenly it hit me. She was looking OUTSIDE the subway, at the actual station. Museum station was re-done a couple of years back to look a bit like a museum (seeing as it's the station closest to the ROM). Here's a snippet from World Architecture News (no, I don't read this stuff...I just randomly found this on Google):

Based on artefacts from the Royal Ontario Museum and the Gardiner Museum, five column designs are repeated throughout the station’s platform representing Canada’s First Nations (“The Wuikinuxv First Nation Bear House Post”), Ancient Egypt (“The Osiris Pilaster”), Mexico’s Toltec Culture (“The Toltec Warrior”), China’s traditional culture (“The Forbidden City Columns”) and Ancient Greece (“The Doric Columns”).

So here is a picture of the monster which PK found so fascinating:

These days, whenever we pull into Museum Station, PK frantically looks around until she spots the "monsters"...and shrieks with delight once she sees them. I totally love her reaction from it, and now I always look forward to pulling into that station just to see/hear how happy it makes her.

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