March 9, 2011

Passport Fun

So, remember way back when I changed my driver's license back to my maiden name and that I still needed to change my passport? Well, I finally got around to it. I am officially all changed back to my maiden name on all of my stuff. Not that there was too much to change back, since I'd changed to my married name on about half of things bearing my name to begin with.

The passport name change was probably the most painful of all name changes. Mostly because I totally procrastinated on this, and therefore took forever to actually sit my ass down in front of a computer to fill out the form. And since I was changing my name, I had to fill out the long form. Fortunately, having done this relatively recently (i.e. 2 years ago), it was still pretty fresh in my mind, so it didn't take as frickin' long to fill out.

And then I had to drag my ass out to the passport office to get my new passport. Fortunately I know about the super-secret awesome passport office in downtown Toronto, so I didn't have to take half a day just to get this done. Unlike at the passport office at Yonge & Sheppard, which requires that you get there super-early, or else risk either waiting in line forever, or not getting seen at all. Made that mistake once. Never again.

I had meant to get to the passport office for around 11am or so, especially since my 11am meeting got cancelled. But instead got bogged down by other work and decided to have lunch, which meant that I didn't get to the passport office until close to noon. Along with everyone else who thought they could slip away to the passport office during their lunch break. It would've gone quickly had it not been for the fact that my number in the queue began with "A", and they were calling numbers beginning with "E" all over the place. There were only 10 other As in front of me, but the time between calls was excruciatingly long. Fortunately, I had reading material (Kindle for iPhone...ooooooh YEAH).

By the time I got called, I had already missed my 1pm status meeting. Crap. At least that part went smoothly. Except that the guy processing my application was thoroughly confused as to why I was changing my name back to my maiden name. I had to clarify that I was still married but wanted to change him back due to "Buyer's remorse," as I put it. I guess he still didn't quite get it. And then he asked, "Is your husband okay with it?" I said that he was. The hubby is totally okay with this name change thing. If anything, he probably thinks that this is mildly entertaining. I'm glad he doesn't take offense to this. Seriously. And that's what makes him awesome.

The new passport arrived in the mail less about a week later. I feel like me again.

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