March 9, 2011

Subway Adventure

Today, PK and I were riding the subway for our daily commute to work/daycare, when all of a sudden, the well-dressed (and not-so-bad-looking) guy who was standing right beside me turns to me and says, "Excuse me, that's a gorgeous ring. And your baby is very cute too."

I thanked him, and turned away. Meanwhile, the South American in me wondered if he:
a) Was going to try to steal my kid from me after getting off the subway
b) Snatched anything from my backpack

Neither happened.

After we got off at our usual stop, I turned to PK and said, "Were you scared of the creepy guy on the subway?" She said, "Yeah. I like him." Um...yeah. Okay, we'll just chalk that up to her not quite understanding what I was asking.

I described the situation to my friend H, a fellow South American. He is from Ecuador. He said that the South American in him would question whether or not the guy on the subway would try to snatch PK. (HA! I'm not THAT paranoid!) And then he said that since we were in North America, however, he figures that the guy was about to hit on me, and as he started talking, realized that he couldn't stop the verbal diarrhea coming out of his mouth, and kind of tried to save face by mentioning my kid in tow.

Ha! I hadn't thought of it that way before, but he may be on to something. After all, I had a couple of guys hit on me in similar ways when I was preggers. I guess they looked at my big preggo boobs and my face, and didn't happen to notice the giant gut popping out when they started hitting on me. Entertaining, to say the least.

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Mr. Shiny and New said...

This amusing blog post doesn't really need any comments except that I couldn't resits saying that I hate the word "preggers". It's like fingernails across a blackboard to me.