April 25, 2011

At the Mall

We had a pretty good Easter Weekend overall. On Friday we went out to brunch and hung out at the Indigo in the Eaton Center. On Saturday we had Easter lunch at my parents' place, and on Sunday PK's cousins came to visit. (The in-laws were conspicuously absent because they decided to ditch the family to jet-set to Egypt and Jordan for a cruise of the Suez Canal. If this is what retirement is like, please, bring it on.)

This post is about our mall adventures from the past weekend.

Indigo Rendez-Vous

As I mentioned earlier, we spent part of Friday at the Eaton Center. It so happens that while we were at Indigo, PK ran into Ariana, her best-friend from daycare. I always see Ariana with PK whenever I go to pick PK up from school. They always have their respective babies. I think they spend the entire day putting diapers on their babies. And taking them off. And putting them off. The most commonly-heard phrase uttered by PK at my house is, "Baby has a poo-poo". There are other variations of this phrase, including "Froggie has a poo-poo", "Cookie Monster has a poo-poo", and "Bear-Pig has a poo-poo". If there's a stuffed animal or doll, odds are, PK will try to put a diaper on it.

Anyway, I digress. So PK ran into Ariana (who was with her mom) at Indigo. Right away, they went ape-poop. The ran around the store, with PK beckoning, "Come, Ariana, come!". They had umbrellas and purses for sale in the kiddie section of the store, and before I knew it, Ariana and PK were walking around with matching purses and matching umbrellas. There was a wagon on display in the store, and naturally, they sat in the wagon. The walked around holding hands. They traded umbrellas. They ran. Ariana's mom and I ran after them. Finally, it was time for us to part ways, and PK would have none of that. She kept clutching Ariana's hand as Ariana's mom and I desperately tried to unglue them. PK told me that she was going to go home with Ariana, to which I said no. I told PK to hug Ariana and say good-bye, and that we needed to go. PK hugged Ariana and then made a pouty face. No! Not the pouty face!!! The lower lip turned down, the sad, droopy eyes that make you want to cry. Yes, that face. And then she lost it.

By the time we parted ways, PK was having a full on tantrum. Fortunately, this happened just outside the store, so at least the store patrons weren't treated to the screams of a toddler who sounded like she was having her arm cut off. It took me a while to calm PK down, but I managed. Still, the meltdown was not a pretty sight.

The Parking Lot

We were up at my parents' place for Easter lunch on Saturday, and after lunch, we drove over to the mall. While walking from the parking lot to the mall, PK spotted a couple. The girl was wearing really short shorts. So short that they looked like undies. Now, it would've been bad enough it this girl had been really skinny and wearing short shorts, but she was a bit on the heavier side, so the short shorts were definitely extra-inappropriate. PK, in her unfiltered glory, yells out, "Look! She has no pants!" We tried desperately to ignore her, but she kept repeating it: "She has no pants!" The hubby then politely suggested that PK sing a song, which was followed by, "She has no pants!" I told PK in Portuguese to stop saying that, but obviously that didn't work. Of course.

I don't know if the girl ever heard PK or cared, but it sure was embarrassing as hell for the hubby and me! Sadly, I know that this is only the beginning. I'd better brace myself now.

Toys R Us Stand-off

One thing that the Eaton Center doesn't have is a Toys R Us. The mall near my parents' place, however, does. And PK looooooooooooves it. Her favorite thing about Toys R Us is the crappy $10 shopping car that they sell there. She loves stuffing things into the shopping cart and pushing it around the store. She spotted a shopping cart as soon as we walked in. But then the shopping cart was almost immediately ditched when she spotted something even better - a doll stroller. So PK plunked Blue Baby into the stroller, and walked around the store while the hubby, my mom, and I followed. She then spotted a car seat for dolls. I knew that she'd go for it, because she plays with one at school. But she was playing with the stroller, so the handed the car seat over to my mom to hold. I wasn't too impressed. I kept telling my mom to pitch it, but my mom kept holding it. I think our parents are secretly drugged when their grandkids are born, because they somehow go from authoritative figures as parents, to total dopes as grandparents. Seriously.

After running around the store for a few minutes, PK stopped over near some birthday cards to have a look. A giant Dora card had gotten her attention (sidenote: Dora = barf). Then PK went to resume pushing her stroller around, when she noticed that some little boy about PK's age had taken the stroller with her Blue Baby in it. Fortunately, he hadn't made it very far. PK was not happy and let the whole store know. She wrestled it out of the boy before I had a chance to do much. But I told him that PK was playing with the stroller and that he shouldn't take it from her.

He seemed to listen, but then went for the stroller again, and started yanking at it. This time, I got mad as hell, and started lecturing him about not taking things that weren't his, especially since PK had been playing with it first. I ended up having to pry his hands from the stroller, while telling him that he was being very very bad.

And where were this kid's parents? Well, his mom was standing in the distance, looking like an idiot. She didn't do a single bloody thing during this entire situation. I found out later that she had another kid - an older daughter of about 8 or 10 - who was riding around the store in a bicycle, blocking the aisles (we'd had to ask her to move out of the way once or twice - the kid was clueless). I wanted to go over and punch the mother for being so complacent, but alas, that's not my style. Tempting though.

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