April 6, 2011

Daycare, Oh Daycare

I need to start off by saying that overall, we're pretty happy with PK's daycare. But honestly, lately, it has been starting to annoy me a bit. First off, at 32 months, PK is STILL not in the pre-school room. Everyone I know who has kids PK's age in daycare has already had their kids move to the pre-school room at their respective daycares. I'm really worrying about this affecting PK's development.

Secondly, her daycare has decided to switch up the teachers in all of the toddler rooms. Even though the ECE (early childhood educator) in the room has stayed the same, the two assistants in her room have moved to different rooms. This happened over a week and a half ago, and PK is still devastated. She probably wouldn't be as upset if the ECE in her room hadn't been away since the switcheroo happened (she took a tumble and has been on sick leave). Now when I leave PK at daycare, she totally freaks out on me. Drop-off takes me a good 10 minutes these days. Not good because a) it makes me late for work, and b) I don't exactly take comfort in leaving my child at daycare when she's crying.

I know that the same sort of thing would happen when she (finally) changes rooms at daycare, and again when she starts at pre-school. That being said, neither of the above has happened, so why mess with my kid further? Argh...

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