April 25, 2011


PK has a wonderful imagination, and it's cool to see it at play more and more every day. PK's imaginary play started maybe a year or so ago, when she used to like to take imaginary food from the palm of hubby's hand and pretend to eat it. This soon evolved into a more sophisticated form once PK got her tea set and fake food from her aunt and uncle for her 2nd birthday last year. Here's a current peek into PK's imagination.

PK loves serving us imaginary food. It started out as a game in my parents' basement. The hubby and I were both lying on the floor after lunch, unable to move after a filling meal and from waking up way too early (for our taste) on a Saturday. PK, as usual, was full of energy (I tell you, she stole all of my energy in utero!!!) and was playing with some nick-knacks on a small table in the basement. Then the hubby called her over, and asked her to make him a grilled cheese sandwich. She went back to the table, picked up a nick-knack, and handed it to him - it was supposed to be a plate for the grilled cheese. She then came to me and asked what I was having.

PK really really enjoys serving us imaginary food, and it's lots of fun to play this game with her, because we'll come up with all sorts of things for her to serve us. It's especially fun coming up with something that she can't pronounce too well, because it's cute seeing her trying to say it (yes, I'm just slightly mean). We don't really have too many nick-knacks at home, so when we play the restaurant game at home in our living room, she likes to use the pieces of a Russian doll (which my mother-in-law brought back from Russia for her) as plates and cups.

Go to Helicopter
PK made up a wonderful game called "1, 2, 3...Go to Helicopter". The rules are pretty simple. You stand in a designated place (as determined by PK). Then she yells, "1, 2, 3...go to helicopter!", and runs to another designated place (also determined by PK). Good times.

Toys R Us China
Definitely one of PK's more creative games. I think that the China part came about from reading Knuffle Bunny Free, in which the main character, Trixie, visits her grand-parents in Holland and accidentally leaves her bunny on the plane, which ended up in China.

Anyway, the game is played in our basement. PK declares, "Let's go to Toys R Us China", at which point you must put on a hat. We have two hats in the basement: a train engineer's hat, which PK wears, and (fittingly) a pointy cone-shaped Chinese hat, which my sister brought back for PK from China last year. Once hats have been put on, PK and her playmate go to the basement landing to play.

PK has an imaginary friend named Mousie. We first started hearing about Mousie approximately two months ago. It started one day when we asked PK to use the loo before dinner, and she said that she couldn't go in because Mousie is in there. Mousie's color, size, and sex have changed in the past. I think that right now, Mousie is a girl, and she's shorter than PK. Her current color is green. Mousie isn't always around, but she does seem to materialize when we want PK to use the washroom. PK is going through this phase right now where she wants to go to the bathroom on her own terms...which is fine, except that sometimes she waits too long and winds up having an accident (fortunately, it's a rarity these days, though it still happens). Another not-so-fun side-effect is the fact that PK freaks out when you try to plunk her on the toilet before she's ready. Very irritating when you're trying to get her out the door in the morning.

It's really cool to see PK's imagination at play these days. I am always in amazement over the stuff that she comes up with. She's only 2.5 years old, after all. I look forward to seeing what other cool things she can dream up as she grows up.

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