April 26, 2011

It's a Seasonal Thing

When I was pregnant, I was kind of pissy. Okay...I was a pissy bitch. Seriously. When I look through my blog posts in my pregnancy blog, I really wonder how the hubby put up with it all. I went through this phase where I got angry when people offered me a seat on the subway, because for whatever hormone-induced crazy reason, I felt that people treated pregnancy as a disease. Then my belly got humongous towards the end of my pregnancy, and I finally realized that there's a good reason why people give their seats to pregnant women. When you're on a crowded bus/streetcar/bus and you've got a giant-ass belly, you DO NOT want to be standing and risk having your baby squished. Of course, that's when, for whatever reason, people seemed to have stopped offering me their seats.

After PK was born, I noticed that people started offering me seats on the subway a lot more often than when I was pregnant. I thought it was weird, because I had PK in the stroller, so it's not like I was carrying weight or anything. Besides that, sitting on the subway with a stroller takes up a LOT of room, so unless the subway car is fairly empty, I almost never take a seat on the subway when I have the stroller with me, out of courtesy to my fellow passengers.

Then there's something else that I've noticed since PK was born. People seem to offer me seats on the subway a lot more often in the winter, compared to all other seasons. I was very perplexed for a while, until I realized something. In the wintertime, I wear a long coat. I also always carry a large, hLinkeavy, backpack year-round, which requires me to fasten on the waist strap. Which means that I end up with a pooch when I do this. Which apparently makes me look pregnant. I figured it out because through most of the winter, whenever people would offer me their seats, I would always politely decline, but they would absolutely insist that I take their seats by actually getting out of their seats and standing there until I gave in. Uh...awkward. Most of the time, I give in so as to not make the kind-hearted soul look like a ding-dong, standing there awkwardly in front of the empty seat which they attempted to give away.

If you're a long-time reader of my blog, you know that I'm kind of sort of obsessed about working out, and definitely obsessed about my body image (just ask the hubby, who has to put up with my whining). So you'd probably figure that I'd be ├╝ber-pissed at the thought of people on the subway thinking that I'm pregnant when in fact, I'm as unpregnant as they come. Well, surprise, surprise, because more than anything, I actually find this to be quite amusing. Bet you didn't expect that, eh?

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