June 2, 2011

Eating My Words

One of the biggest lessons that I've learned as a parent is to eat my words. I do it often. Cookie Monster style. Om nom nom. Admit it. You probably have too. Like before you ever had kids, how many times did you ever say, "If I ever had kids, I would never do X, Y or Z." Yeah. Right.

So last fall, PK's older cousin had a birthday party at one of those indoor playground places. I remember at the time making some sort of comment along the lines that this type of thing was overkill and that I'd never do that for PK. Today, I stand here before you, eating my own words. Mmmm...tasty! I just booked PK's third birthday party at one of those indoor playground places. And you know what? I am relieved!

This all started about a week ago. PK was invited to a little friend's birthday party at an indoor playground. PK had a blast. I took note of the fact that this little girl's parents were able to host a bunch of adults and a bunch of kids without having to worry nearly as much as they would have if they had either done this party at their place, or in a park somewhere. And then I got to thinking about all of the kids we'd need to invite this year. PK has been invited to a lot of birthday parties, and we obviously would have to invite those same kids to PK's party. Add in the fact that many of these kids had siblings, and you end up with (in my mind) a lot of kids. We're up to about 11 kids right now. Most of them toddlers. That's a lot of energy to confine. And so, I slowly began to cave.

I did some research and found a place that's not too far from where we live. The fee includes 2 hours of use of the indoor playground, one helium balloon for each kid, pizza, nut-free cake, juice, water, plates/cups/cutlery, and loot bags. Oh, and peace of mind. Yes, it will still end up being a bit steep when all is factored in. Like $700 + tax steep. (Do you see my eyes popping out of their sockets yet?) But a) PK will likely have lots of fun and b) I don't need to clean anything up. A small price to pay, in my mind.

Okay...so I've lost this battle. But please please please, if you ever hear me speak of throwing PK a princess party, just smack me, okay? Thanks.

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