July 13, 2011


PK is a pretty resourceful kid, and I love that about her. One of the ways in which she is resourceful is with her vocabulary. It is growing every day, and I try to correct her whenever I can. Though I have to say that some of her grammatical or pronunciation mistakes are hilarious and I totally don't want to correct them. Like when when she was little and used to refer to bananas as "nana", or her soother as her "shoo-shoo". There was something so innocent and endearing about that.

Some of her mispronunciations are "wellow" for "yellow", and hing for "ring" (as in ringing a doorbell). She also says stuff like, "Look, she has a that!" when she doesn't know what a particular item is, but still wants to point it out. But lately she's taken that up a notch and has actually started making up her own words for certain things.

For example, a few weeks ago, we were having dinner, and she noticed a packet of Maynard's Swedish Berries sitting on our buffet. She wanted them for dessert. But she didn't know what they were called. So she started referring to them as "hem-gems". And so it stuck. Funny thing is that she'd never had "hem-gems" before. I can't even bare calling them Swedish Berries, because hem-gems sounds way cooler.

Her other newly-made-up word is "blackups". This refers to a toilet paper reserve. We've recently renovated our master bathroom and added a backsplash to our guest washroom, so I decided to buy toilet paper reserves for those washrooms. PK thinks that these things are awesome and sits on the toilet extra-long just to sit near the TP reserve. Anyway, she insisted that her own bathroom also needed "blackups", so alas, I went out and bought one for her bathroom. PK was thrilled.

Can't wait to hear what comes out of her little mouth next, because this is totally cracking me up.

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