December 5, 2011


PK has taken a real interest in words and letters. She's been able to spell her name for a while now (since her tenure at the Montessori class at daycare), but now she can actually write her name on paper. She started doing this a month or so ago, though the letters in her name were all scattered throughout the page, in what appeared to be a letter jumble. Then, last week, she brought back some artwork that she'd made in aftercare. Not only was a picture of something (as opposed to scribbles), she'd also written her name. Across the top. Letters in order. I was soooooooooo proud and excited!

In addition to this newly-found name-writing skill, she has really taken to practicing writing various letters on paper. She's gotten really good at it too! She brought home a drawing of a monster, and surrounding the monster was the letter "B". Sure, it looked more like some weird alien symbol, with the loops being way too far apart. Still, it was a great start! By the end of the weekend, her Bs looked like real Bs! How cool is that?

At the same time, PK has been learning to sound out letters at school. Oftentimes, she'll say, "Turtle. Tuh...tuh...T! 'T' starts with 'turtle'!" and so on, with various words. She's gotten really good at that. Then, over the weekend, the hubby was reading PK a story from one of her Dick and Jane readers before bed. (Remember those??? We actually found a couple at Indigo a while back and snatched them up.) The cool thing about the Dick and Jane books is that the words and sentences are really simple and repetitive. In this particular case, the hubby was reading PK a story about a girl named Pam. When PK saw the word "Pam", she tried to spell it. PK tends to want to do things right to left (even though it appears that she'll be right-handed), so in this case, she sounded out "map". The hubby then corrected her, saying that the word started with the "P", not the "M". And she proceeded to sound out "Pam".

I was downstairs when this happened, and the hubby immediately called me to share the news (trust our house, calling me on my cell is better than yelling down 4 floors). I was completely elated. I have to confess that I was a bit disappointed by the fact that I wasn't in the room when it happened, but that doesn't make it any less cool and amazing. Obviously PK still has a long road ahead to learn how to read and spell in English. It is unfortunately not a very phonetic language, with Cs and Ks sometimes sounding alike. It's a wonder people pick up the language at all. Anyway, I'm really excited to see how this pans out.What an exciting time in PK's life!

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