March 21, 2012

Stupid Freaking Flu

I've totally sucked about posting in 2012. In fact, I think this is my first official post of 2012. I actually started a few posts, but then ended up abandoning them because they just ended up sounding lame and I didn't really have enough time to put in the effort to pretty it up.

My post today is nothing particularly special. I've been deathly ill since last Thursday night. I think I caught a flu that's going around the office. This totally sucks for many reasons. Number one is that I hate being sick. I did get my flu shot this year; however, the flu shot only protects against the 2 or 3 strains predicted to be the most prevalent for the upcoming flu season. I guess the flu strain I caught was NOT in this year's flu shot. Bugger. Number two is that this thing is evil, and I have been trying really hard in-between bouts of fever, coughing, nose-blowing, and arresting fatigue to ensure that neither the hubby nor PK gets this bug. Number three is that spring has sprung early, so I am also being attacked by tree pollen about 1.5 months ahead of schedule. And lastly, last weekend was the first time ever where PK was going to spend TWO WHOLE FREAKING NIGHTS away from home. Which meant fiesta for us. We had plans of going out to movies, brunch, and Brazilian churrasco. That kinda didn't happen thanks to my ├╝ber-flu. I had a fever off and on for several days straight, was hacking up a ton of phlegm, and couldn't walk straight due to a combination of fatigue and plugged ears. The silver lining in all of this was the fact that PK stayed away from this mess.

Unfortunately, since coming home, I've had to keep her away from me in order to keep her from catching this plague. This has been very upsetting to her, and she has on more than one occasion broken down in tears over the fact that she can't hug mommy. Breaks my heart.

The good news is that I *think* I'm finally on the mend. I missed two days of work, slept a ton (12 hours today), and used up enough tissues to make my nose super-raw. (Aside: while it makes me feel food overall to buy the tissues made of recycled paper, they are hell on your nose when you need to keep blowing your nose constantly.)

Anyway, I'm hoping to feel well enough to work from home on Wednesday and may even rejoin the Land of the Living on Thursday. Fingers crossed. Being sick is a bitch.

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